Friday, April 28, 2006

~ galaxie ~

haha..found another place to have fun!!! its just like reb box.... and its cheap!!!! really cheap... the only thing is that the tv is smaller compared to the one u get in red box. but other than that.... its worth going to galaxie..!! i'm serious. Li San is kind enough to drive me, tracey and melissa there... its so nice having friends that can drive and provided he/she has a car!!! love her!!! all 4 of us really have fun... Think its going to be our first choice from now on!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

oh my..

ahaha.. i will never forget what happened yesterday! and i can tell u its all miss CHEOK LI PENG fault... life is going like normal when we walk to summit... when we chat with allie at mcd. Still fine when we're walking around looking 4 what to eat for our lunch.... Yet, nothing embarassing seems going to happen until we decided to eat mcdonals too. It all started when we were queing up. Ohh... Oh... li peng keep asking me to give her half of my fries... obviously i said no.. " go buy urself la" .... " come on.. share half with me " .... bla bla bla... SUddenly.. the man standing in front just turn back and handed out his LARGE FRIES... " here.. u guys can have my fries... i dont eat it.. take it " OMG>>> are we that desprate for fries.. everyone was looking at us... all we do is.. laugh... refused to take his fries... [ at first ]... haha... i cant believe 5 minutes later.. li peng is eating the LARGE FRIES.. haha............. at that moment.. i really hope its not happening...!! Cheok Li Peng... Cheok Li Peng...

Friday, April 7, 2006

= i not stupid too =

Must watch!!!!!!!!!! its very nice... if u like the first movie <>, ur going to love this.... omg!! the four of us went to watch on tuesday.. its just so nice... haha... all 4 of us cry until eyes "bengkak" !!! i'm serious!!! i'm going to get the dvd... the song for the movie is also very nice.. must listen~~~