Thursday, December 31, 2009

Counting 3-2-1-Zero!

hey guys! Reaching the final hours of 2009. What's your plan of welcoming the new year of 2010?

This year around i've decided to have a quiet celebration. Not staying at home la of course. But feeling so reluctant to go anywhere crowded with people. Since the rest of my buddies all having their own parties, I'm left with my dear Rachel! We're not anti-social fyi... we just dun feel like getting stuck in any traffic jams or getting squash by thousands homo-sapiens.

So, we both went to have a drink at Starbucks.

Which is surprisingly EMPTY! ( yeah la, not that i'm very shocked but just for saying only. LOL! )


Online here, listening to music is relaxing which i pray i'll be having this kinda lifestyle for year 2010. New year's resolutions list is too long to be stated and i hope, i pray i'll be able to stick to it.

2 and half hours to go. Perhaps a change of venue to welcome my 2010?? Ask my date for the night first la! Shall see u guys all next year! Enjoy the wild night my friends! Cheers!!


Cheerish my 2009. Looking forward my 2010. Love u all. Xoxo!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

L.o.v.e. Marathon

Imagine me participating in a running marathon. HAHAHAHA! no way? hmmmm.. how bout walking marathon? No?? Just joking la. Of course i dun involve myself in any of those kinda marathon. So what marathon u usually see me in?


After last night Sherlock Holmes, this afternoon went for 2 movies again!


Bodyguards and Assassins. Honestly, i like the movie. I mean at least i get the meaning and the purpose why those people have to sacrifice themselves. I did cried at some parts but not as bad like how Amelia cried la. LOL~ ( San cried too! ) Haihz... its so torturing knowing they gonna die one by one weihh. For those who interested in those china revolution related movie, this is something u should go for! I really enjoyed it. =p

Straight after 15 minutes of toilet break, we went for the next movie.


Alvin and the Chipmunks (2). ITS DISSAPOINTING LA! Basically, its just a simple popcorn movie where u pay, go in have some laughs. I find it pretty lame also. Just, buy dvd and watch with ur whole family at home. Would be more than enough. Thank goodness the aunty sitting beside me laugh at everything-anything-from-the-start-till-the-end. Which sort of triggered me and San laughing buds. If not.... we probably will be so bored just like the time we watched Night at the Muzeum 2. LOL~

New chapter.

My new semester started on Monday. Missed one tutorial class which is at 9am. Way too early... LOL! Not my intention to skip it really...... But this afternoon i'm so proud of myself coz i stayed awake for 2 whole hours during the lecture!!!!! omg. Didnt doze off middle of lecture weihh... ( i think i'm gettting 4.0 this semester la. wtf. )

Anyway, the first movie for this semester with my uni-buddies! SHERLOCK HOLMES.


I did set a high expectation for this movie but it didnt dissapoint me! Its a movie which i will highly recommend for everyone. No joke. The whole story plot was really interesting. Plus u get to see the hot Jude Law. Hahahaha. Just watch it people. No regrets. *wink*

Tomorrow i'll be catching another 2 movies. ( hopefully ) ...... with my honey!!! Can't wait.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Footsteps till the end.

hey guys! GUESS WHAT! i'm still sitting in my own room - Subang. Was supposed to be back PJ tonight but just couldn't make it. I never wished to stay home this much ever. I just look at the time passes and didnt have any intention to start packing. Gosh. Perhaps this holiday i've learn how good it is to be home, feeling closer to my friends. hmm~ So, what i did tonight after finishing the final episode of drama? I cleaned my room!!!! Yup, its true. The bundle of my previous semester stuff is finally arranged. ( its been there since the first day of my holiday... just didnt have the time to do anything bout it la. LOL! ) Seeing that my room is cleanER, hahahaha. Let me just quickly finish my post about my final week of holiday.....

As i've mentioned, my two highschool buddies are back!

One from Melbourne - Mich.


and the other from York - Peng


i missed the chance of meeting them last year so this is a moment i've been waiting for! Last Monday, we hang out from morning till night! Way pass mid-night la i should say.... hahahaha...

Lunch at Italiannies~



After shopping, tea-time at Delicious~



Guess what i had for dinner again? BAK KUT TEH!


omggggg.... no choice la. They haven been back to Malaysia for so long, and craved for it. haha... i really scared of eating it already honestly. Plz dun ajak me go BKT for the time being ok?

At night, we went to KL - No Black Tie.


Its a nice Jazz Pub. Although its slightly expensive la for drinks but the environment was really nice. Relaxing place to enjoy Jazz.

-us 3 again-

-with Fiona & Kei-

i'll never forget how good is the pianist. OMG! Almost inspired me to play my long-forgotten piano. ( i'm still finding time ok? )


Really had a wonderful time with them all. *hugs* We're all going seperate ways again. Let's just hope our reunion will be pretty soon alright?

Sleeping over at Peng's was so much fun. Never failed to be crazzieee! LOL. But the consequence, i'm so sleepy during my trip to Melacca. Gosh~ Managed to sleep for 2 hours only then have to get up at early 7, rush home and get ready for Melacca!


My whole trip was to EAT, EAT and EAT. Of course sight-seeing was along the agenda but we went there last year adi so, food is definately our main target. =p

Our 'tour guide' ( honey-san ) brought us to try this Thousand-Layered-Cake. Known better as 'Qian Cheng Dan Gao'.


Plz guys, next time if u ever go to Melacca, U NEED TO TRY THIS! its really delicious. omfg. Trust me.

Next would be something i dun think u can find easily la.... Pork Satay!


First time trying this also. Erm, i dun really fancy it la. Somehow Satay Ayam taste more normal. HAHA! so after eating, we walked around to digest before heading to our dinner spot - NYONYA style dishes.


Restaurant name was Ole-Sayang if i'm not mistaken. It seems to be so famous, even before 6pm where the restaurant was about to start their business.... ppl are already inside, sitting in front of the table ordering. ( we're one of them la actually. haha. )


Not a bad choice. I love the Asam fish but the chicken was abit... salty. I'll still recommend u guys to go for it though. Price was reasonable. =p

Owh! the best part of the trip.... Non other than our visit to Portuguese Settlement! omigosh! those christmas decoration was breath-taking. Maybe in Malaysia we didnt really get to see such sight la. That's y. HAha...Every house was so brightly lit with lights. *bling-blings* hahahaha..


It really ends our trip with smile in everyone's face. *wink*

Ok, time for family i guess. I did realized that i hardly spent time with them. I'm not a family kinda person if u guys know me well. But i know the important of showing them i care too ok? So, once my grandpa was here from Kelantan! My plan was to meet him for dinner. And i did it! Hehe...


I really misses him alot. Still as healthy as ever! I love him alot u know why? Coz he dun nag! hahahaha... never nag me about anything. And i love him for singing me to sleep when i was very VERY very young. LoL.

Oh, i finally meet up with my super mischevious cousin bro. Goodness.... dun remind me.



My cousin sisters.... WOW! such adorable children. Abit sad i didnt get to spend much time with them la. Miss u guys.

Now, how i spent my Christmas Eve?

Ting invited all of us to her open house party.

Have i mention b4 how good her mum can cook????? Just look at what she prepared for 100 guests.


And how superb those cakes her mum baked? ARRGH! I'm feeling hungry by just thinking bout the cakes. That night we have the chance to taste 9 delicious cakes!!



*faints*.... Ting, plz learn ur mum secret recipe. PLZPLZ PLZ!

There goes my diet plan. ( no lar... i secretly dun think i'm fat enough to force myself on diet. HAHA! Good food are meant to be eaten. Sigh..)

Haihz. Guess that's all. Shin Yeen, ur going back to PJ later. Morning. U need to sleep now. I pray that u wont sleep during your first lecture. ARRGH! wtf. *slap*

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Footsteps Three

Hey guys! i'm back again. Finally found a chance to sit and blog. Been really busy dude. So, what i've been up to? If u are stalking my facebook u should have known by now la. LOL!

I've watched the movie Avatar. Bout it, hmmm..... The graphic was really good i would say. But i cant stand the romance between the human and the avatar. NO WAY! I just dont feel the love between them both and i dun think such love exist. Is this a fairytale kind of movie? Will anyone willing to sacrifice their human body ( a good looking one ) and transformed into an alien creature? I was hoping the ending would be different. I pictured the guy to bid goodbye to her, gave her a final kiss and leave the place. Like it was his best dream of all. Something like that or he can die in her arms. *sigh* No, none of it happen la. Hahahaha. But still, i would recommend u to watch it at least once. =p

Next, to my bestest friend - Jessica Loke!


U are finally 21 years old now! omg. SO OLD~ haha. I really like the picture above coz its one of the few that u actually pose decently!!! Actually there is another one. Without ur eyes closed or showing off ur 'chang jiang'!


Am i right? U just see the one below~ *faints*


U are really lucky that on ur birthday, the 9 of us celebrated with u! Hope u enjoyed that night my babeh! Still remember how chinese cuisine taste like? Hahaha. You better do.... coz u only have corns around when ur in Nebraska! Want me to bring u one at the airport? I bet Malaysia's corn is different from Nebraska's!!!! hahahaha..

After the dinner, Amelia sort of suggested to have a ride to KL. With no purpose. It was great all the way until we got stuck in massive traffic jam! A Saturday night driving around KL! what a smart idea right? Gosh......


So, since we have no plans to go bars/clubs.... Taking pictures is the only option left for us!



Well, the rest of it are uploaded in facebook. We took shots until like 1am then some 'Cinderellas' have to go back home. Thank goodness. If not i dunno we will hang out in KL untill what time!

Er, but right after saying goodbye to the other 5...........


the 5 of us just couldnt stop! So, we continued cam-whoring in front of KLCC. ( where i guess the cleaners who are sweeping or mopping floor inside were wondering what-the-heck these young ppl doing ). LOL~


I always love hanging out with u all weihh.... *hearts* Lets do it again!!!

p.s. : the next -footsteps- will be on my outings with my highschool sweethearts! I'm too tired to continue now......

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Footsteps Two

Gosh... *yawns*~ Just got home after one whole night out. Went a road trip to KL together with -theTenPeopleGang- Took some shots beside KLCC but photos not with me now. Will upload asap k? omg, my eyes seriously closing... But i know i have to continue this if not i dunno when i get a chance to squeeze some time to do so.

Back to where i was on previous post, after the karaoke session.... me & Tracey went Pyramid to do some light shopping! Was hoping to get my mum birthday present but didnt manage. Hmm, guess have to gift her later then. Hahaha. So, did u guys start to feel the Christmas spirit? I mean most of the shopping malls decorated with assorted types of xmas decoration just to attract more customers during this festive seasons! Obviously both of us couldnt stop ourself from taking more photos.....

One of my favorite shot!


Along more with some others shots that i really adore!!


If u wonder why we ss-ing with the Korean actor poster, it was Tracey's idea! LoL~


Basically, we keep asking passer-by to help taking out pictures. I remember the pic in the smaller box below was taken by some girl around age of 10. Hahahah.... Not bad skill huh? Just one take!


I'm wondering, who will buy those huge candies? FYI, i dun really like sweet things. Remember ppl, if u planning to give me somethng sweeettttt.... Plz reconsider ok? Sour, salty or hot should be alright!


Shot taken by a girl. A super quick shot but its really nice.


Next is 2 of the best shots taken that day.




The very same night, after having curry chicken at home with Daddy... got a call from *cough* asking me to go club. I did have the choice either staying at home or just go with the plan. In the end i cant stand the boredom in my own room so went along with them. Here are some pics taken. Just a few pictures, i know coz camera battery died even before the night starts! Sad sad sad.......




Gosh. I think i really need to sleep. Dozing off in front of my laptop is not a wise thing to do really. Good night peeps! Shall continue again the next time!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Footsteps One

I realized i'm updating my blog more frequently compared last time. In the mood maybe? LoL! Basically, my whole holiday i'm hanging out with all my buddies as much as possible. In case u guys didnt know yet, some of them are leaving to further studies SOON. This is the main reason why u see Shin Yeen so emo-ish lately la. I love them too much ok? Can't blame me.

2 days ago, went for a Bak Kut Teh dinner with these people i hearts.


Follow suit is 2 of my high school juniors! Lynn Shane & Yuan Shuang. Both really cheerful souls to be with!


Jess, just in case u might forget how Bak Kut Teh looks like...... u can always come here to have a look. Especially when u miss the taste of it after eating months of CORNS!!!! *grin*


And of course, i didnt forget ur favorite dessert! Hope u can get these when ur in Nebraska.


Well, the photo she's holding is not part of the dessert la obviously.

Next, I bet u probably wont get the chance to sing karaoke when ur there... without us da-craziiieee-bunch! Plus, only few of us can stand listening to ur heavenly-angel-voice RIGHT? hahaha... Appreciate us weihh.


Who will be singing 'Peng You' to u?


Who will be singing 'Yi Lu Shun Feng' to u?


Who will be singing 'Ping Ju' to u?


Who else but us right? hehe!



More photos will be posted asap k? And for ur 21st Birthday dinner tomorrow, PLEASE WEAR NICER LA OK?????? ( i think i need to drop Philip a msg too....... LOL~ )

p.s. : continue posting soon.....