Thursday, December 3, 2009

movies i watched lately

First up, MULAN!


dun ask me why i willing to pay for this movie. Its between the choice of this or Phobia2. WHICH means no choice at all. Fyi, i HATE as in literally hate watching any kind of horror movie. Yeah, say i'm scared or whatsoever. I dun care. I just wont watch it. Summore that day i was out with only you. My BESTEST friend (this is how she calls me). Both of us totally have phobia towards horror. And she's right. I definately dun want 2 hours of hands sqeezing just for the sake of doing something 'speacial'. OK, this movie... MULAN. hmm...... it was a so-so movie la. But we both enjoyed it coz as usual, we will laugh at every scene without fail. Especially listening to those dialogs between 2 actors. Plus, u know how those olden days traditional chinese trying to console each other.... but one thing about this movie i dislike is how can the guy be so WEAK! omg. He keep crying and crying. So damn gay. EWW! In the end, Mulan have to save him and he himself go marry another woman. wtf. Conclusion, the cartoon version of Mulan is freaking better. Dun watch this if u have a choice. =p

oh ya! the funniest point of the movie is VITAS. ( a famous Russian singer ). He was the first to appear in the movie standing at the desert wearing white. Out of nowhere... Jess : So, that's Mulan??? ......................

Next, New Moon!

new moon

Thank goodness its Wednesday. I only have to pay RM6 for this. I mean the whole movie is just so plain. A boring romantic movie la really. I got slightly touched while reading the book but not the movie. NOPE. But i didnt regret watching it because of JACOB! omgggggggg... he is so hot and good looking. JACOB! and also his pack of wolf friends. They're darn freaking H.O.T...... especially JACOB! ok, i know i keep repeating his name but how can u not love him? JACOB! the part he say he is 108 degree celcius. aRRGH! or even he looked into Bella eyes and beg her not to leave!!!! JACOB! hahahahahaha..... i cant remember exactly the movie right now besides Jacob showing his body in the rain. wtf. He is all i can remember. wtf. Bye Edward Cullen.