Sunday, December 20, 2009

Footsteps Two

Gosh... *yawns*~ Just got home after one whole night out. Went a road trip to KL together with -theTenPeopleGang- Took some shots beside KLCC but photos not with me now. Will upload asap k? omg, my eyes seriously closing... But i know i have to continue this if not i dunno when i get a chance to squeeze some time to do so.

Back to where i was on previous post, after the karaoke session.... me & Tracey went Pyramid to do some light shopping! Was hoping to get my mum birthday present but didnt manage. Hmm, guess have to gift her later then. Hahaha. So, did u guys start to feel the Christmas spirit? I mean most of the shopping malls decorated with assorted types of xmas decoration just to attract more customers during this festive seasons! Obviously both of us couldnt stop ourself from taking more photos.....

One of my favorite shot!


Along more with some others shots that i really adore!!


If u wonder why we ss-ing with the Korean actor poster, it was Tracey's idea! LoL~


Basically, we keep asking passer-by to help taking out pictures. I remember the pic in the smaller box below was taken by some girl around age of 10. Hahahah.... Not bad skill huh? Just one take!


I'm wondering, who will buy those huge candies? FYI, i dun really like sweet things. Remember ppl, if u planning to give me somethng sweeettttt.... Plz reconsider ok? Sour, salty or hot should be alright!


Shot taken by a girl. A super quick shot but its really nice.


Next is 2 of the best shots taken that day.




The very same night, after having curry chicken at home with Daddy... got a call from *cough* asking me to go club. I did have the choice either staying at home or just go with the plan. In the end i cant stand the boredom in my own room so went along with them. Here are some pics taken. Just a few pictures, i know coz camera battery died even before the night starts! Sad sad sad.......




Gosh. I think i really need to sleep. Dozing off in front of my laptop is not a wise thing to do really. Good night peeps! Shall continue again the next time!