Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I just dun want the first post on my blog being so emo-ish la. So i decided to talk bout 2 movies i watched recently.

Number 1 : At Tropicana City Mall with Buddy & 'glass princess'.


Please do not give any high hope...... sorry, should be not giving any hope at all for this movie la. SUCK. I dun understand what is the main point of the story. Everything is so blurrrrrr. No storyline at all. From the starting till the end, fighting scene is what i can remember. Yeah, there are some funny parts la like the sweeper and the fat feller. Still, 2 and half hours of knives sounds isnt really that interesting. Switching to the actress in the movie. OMG. Practically, their lines consist of 3 words. Either shouting WAN DAI KORRRRR or FUNG DAI KORRRRRR. swt. And i hate the ending. ARRGH!

Number 2 : At Sunway Pyramid with Honey & LayLing *wink*


This isnt that bad la. Average i would say. Normally for Disney cartoons, i'll watch more than once but this, one time is enough. Unless u get me DVD then different story la. LOL~ Maybe i just like my fairy tale Prince and Princess to be perfect la. This one.... nah! Not pretty and handsome enough. Hahahhaa....... There is something i dun get it. Even in cartoon, its told that when someone died, they became STARS! ( just like what Mulan's dad told her ). Funny huh?! Is it true then? I guess it depends whether u believe or not. Same like the rest of the fairy tales, this has a good-wonderful-touching ending... with them both living Happily Ever After. ( oh, the cartoon ended with Neyo-Never Knew I Needed! Superb nice song weihhh. =p )

p.s. : I'm now looking forward to my next movie. Avatar perhaps?