Thursday, December 31, 2009

Counting 3-2-1-Zero!

hey guys! Reaching the final hours of 2009. What's your plan of welcoming the new year of 2010?

This year around i've decided to have a quiet celebration. Not staying at home la of course. But feeling so reluctant to go anywhere crowded with people. Since the rest of my buddies all having their own parties, I'm left with my dear Rachel! We're not anti-social fyi... we just dun feel like getting stuck in any traffic jams or getting squash by thousands homo-sapiens.

So, we both went to have a drink at Starbucks.

Which is surprisingly EMPTY! ( yeah la, not that i'm very shocked but just for saying only. LOL! )


Online here, listening to music is relaxing which i pray i'll be having this kinda lifestyle for year 2010. New year's resolutions list is too long to be stated and i hope, i pray i'll be able to stick to it.

2 and half hours to go. Perhaps a change of venue to welcome my 2010?? Ask my date for the night first la! Shall see u guys all next year! Enjoy the wild night my friends! Cheers!!


Cheerish my 2009. Looking forward my 2010. Love u all. Xoxo!


holim said...

uc uc, suka-suka jiu starbucks..

My god, how to feed u eh.. XD

purple_star_88 said...

hahahaha.... come save me weihh. i damn headache now.