Monday, January 31, 2005

ohh....what a day...! is really disaster!!!!!! i'm so busy & i can't do a thing right.. my school just opened a new toilet to the girls student....don't think its good>>> coz the prefects have to suffer....i need to arrange a prefect to duty that toilet which no one likes & the best thing is i have to go round the school asking for the toilet key..( as they only have one miserable key ) Not just that/// i have to go check on the toilet and lock it ( its only for recess ) after the recess 1 & recess 2, the toilet has to be open again...what about after recess 2??? same thing!!! So, why can't the students just used the original toilet??? haih.... reason??? smelly.. dirty...bla//bla........After all this toilet Moral Project..another thing...the teacher say have to pass up today & i only finnish half...i quickly finnish it n guess what??? the teacher say can pass up thursday!!!!! ohh...sad man!!!!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Check this's all bout my lifestyle, family, school & my friends....!!!