Saturday, July 29, 2006

prefect installation

~ Prefects' installation 06/07 ~

ok.. its like a week ago punya event but its not my fault.. coz that dummy " gai giok " a.k.a chicken leg keep forgetting to send me pics!!
hmm.. nothing special bout the installation.. except maybe the principle speech is more than 30 minutes!!! yawns!!! goodness..

here's some pics...

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* lower 6 prefects.. *
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* i'm so not going to stand beside u..ever again!! arrgh.. u make me look like a shorty!! *

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* back : ley yeem, jessica.... front : tracey & me *

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* together with da 38-ess *

Thursday, July 27, 2006


~ oops ~

omg! where did we take this pictures?? any guess..?

[ CLUE ] 1. malaysia
2. selangor
3. subang jaya
4. enough la.. !!

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from left : mel, cey cey & most importantly.... ME!! haha..

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from left : mel, ah sien, cey cey, me & "miss sam pat" ...hehe..!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

exam finish

~ ExAm ~

hurray!!! my first ever exam in 7 months is OVER.. got all stress up the whole week.... i .. me... FOO SHIN YEEN actually study for one whole week just for this monthly test!! its not my fault ok... u should know how i feel if u were in my shoes. My classmates are all GENIUS & HARDWORKING.... ...omg..! u should see how they study... i feel like a total dumb in the class. there is time when i really want to cry... *sob* ... form 6 life sucks!! i shall see what's my result going to be... and i WILL NOT study last minute!!!! [ i wonder how many times have i said this??? oh, forget it! ]

haiz.. supposed to go out yam cha with friends but.. too lazy la... prefer to stay home... tmr only go have fun!!! oh..shit. prefect installation tmr!! arrgh!!

Saturday, July 8, 2006


~ TAG ~
[ answering to miss loke ]

okie... lets see...

What were you doing in Secondary School?
( still in it ! )

- sleep in class
- blurrrrr during lesson
- talk alot [ rubbish ]
- gossiping
- bully other students
- attend all sorts of meeting/interview
- searching for TIME... seriously needing it
- catching up outdated homework
- bla... bla... bla...

Five of your fav. singers/band:
( aiyo... now form6 no time for this lo... anyway, just answer la. )
- JJ lin jun jie
- energy
- lee hom
- jay chou
- save for english singers/band....

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
( my goodness... this is a DREAM wei ! )
- go round the world [ with friends, of course ]
- give donation to charity
- get a new BED... haha...
- buy what i want
- put the money in bank la...

Five things you like doing
- sleep

- eat
- listen to songs
- hanging out with friends
- watch dramas

Five things you would never buy, wear or get
- outfit like what miss cheok is wearing [ no offence.. hehe ]
- durians
- original cds or dvds [ for movies / dramas ]
- bicycle
- present for pn. cheong

Five favourites

- my friends
- my pillow!!!
- leng cai... ssss... haha..
- television /radio
- ME!!!

Five people to do this
- mr. pie
- mrs. lucky
- miss jelly
- mr. bean
- aunty dolina

There u go!!

Tuesday, July 4, 2006


~ " FUN " biology with Teacher X ~

biology is not my subject and its getting worst this year!! not just the content that u have to cover for examination, my biology teacher is not helping at all!!! trust me... she's not.
She is the most "funny" teacher i've ever met!!! she's the "cutiest" teacher i've ever laid my eyes on!! She's just speacial!!!

What she do & say in class :

1. you guys are REALLY smart!!! and u all can use both sides of ur brains so well huh? talk and write at the same time~ i wonder how u all do it....
2. ohh, there's a ques, some camels have one hums some have 2, what do u call those who have none???? ................................ HORSE!
3. most of u ppl here, ur english is very poor, i'm good enough to write down all the notes for u all to copy, u all better appreciate it.
4. MY name is not JAMES bond, i am HYDROGEN bond! "swt"
5. HAHAHA... this is so exciting!!
6. after teaching on the board with a long ruler, she just turn around with it and shouted, SUPERMAN!
7. told us there's once she went to a restaurant to eat cholesterol FREE prawns. [ students wondering where the hell u got cholesterol free prawns ] and... she just simply said... "its FREE because i dont have to pay for it".
8. JUST cant type anymore....

i cant stand her anymore.... SAVE ME from her class....
need more information bout this TEACHER X, plz call me at my hp.