Sunday, September 26, 2010


Its such a blessed when i have colleagues that i can click well with.

WORK together.

LUNCH together.

LEAVE OFFICE together.



Meet my new FRIENDS...... Jolene (the one beside me) & Sara (the one next to rachel with her new short haircut).

I love having new circle of friends. And really thankful to you guys for making my on-going internship an amazing journey. 2 more months to go! Am so going to miss u guys by the end of the day. *hugss*

All the best

Bidding goodbye to u again, my little bro. (obviously not physically..... )

Back to Russia pursuing your dream of becoming a fine doctor. Hopefully.

Do Mummy, Daddy & Me proud =p


Will miss you. Take care!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

le paradis des aliments

Meaning, Food Paradise.

On the day where the nation celebrates Malaysia Day.... Eight of us went on a food hunting mission in Malacca! Woots!

The small state in our country, famous with historical places to visit but also most importantly... D.E.L.I.C.A.C.I.E.S. where u can just salivates by just thinking bout it. (ok, i'm just exaggerating here)

Let's just cut the crap & jump straight to the main topic!!

Station 1 - Nancy Kitchen


Located at Jalan Hang Lekir off Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, a well-known restaurant for Nyonya cuisine. Since its like brunch time, we decided to try out some of the "kuih".

Glutinous Rice Dumpling


Po Piah


Ang Ku Kueh


Pie Tee




One thing i dun like about Malacca. ITS FREAKING HOT! Ok la, at least its better than heavy rain. Then why am i complaining here. Tsk! lol. Just remember, bring an umbrealla. It could save u from becoming roasted fresh under the oven-of-sun.


Station 2 -

Famously known for its Cendol..... but i personally didn't fancy it. Too much gula malacca. Over sweet for my taste-bud.


Situated along Jalan Hang Jebat, there is something else from here that you seriously need to try!

Nyonya Laksa. Omg.... so many varieties to choose from. *yummy*



Station 3 - Kedai Satay Xiang Ji

Ok, i'm so sorry that i can't recall the name of this restaurant until i have to search for it (special thanks to Rachel for the help). Was too tired brisk-walking all my way to the destination. LOL!



*droolsssssss* for the yummilicious Satay Babi!


Station 4 - 'Bound Feet Shoes' shop


Totally not about food right now. LOL! Coincidently we walked pass this particular factory/souvenir shop where the owner, Uncle X told us the history about bounded feet girls
during the ancient days. Oh my! Can u see how freaking small their feet is forced-bounded?


Station 5 - Coconut Milk Shake

By the road side of Klebang, a mini-sized stall where u can stop by to quench ur thirst.


Add on a scope of vanilla ice-cream!


Perfect combination with nasi lemak! <3

Station 6 - Nadeje Patisserie

Hungry for a piece of Thousand Layer Cake? This is where u belong. If i'm not mistaken, there are 2 branches one located at Jalan PM4, Plaza Mahkota where the other shop is at Dataran Pahlawan itself.



This time around, we went to the one inside Dataran Pahlawan shopping mall because the other outlet was too packed. Nevertheless, we had a great time there. Some changes that i really would like to see is the menu for drinks. Most of the drinks are too expensive and taste.... *shake head*



Right before dinner, we manage to spend some time SHOPPING! =)



Station 7 - Nyonya Makko Restaurant


Dinner! First try-out at this nyonya restaurant...... Not bad. Can't really judge coz all of us were hungry and tired after one whole day of walking. Its time for a nice air-conditioned place to fill up our tummy!


L - bee, O - fei, L - me!

*heart-melts* LOL!

The 5-stars dishes for the night!

First STAR!


Second STAR!


Third STAR!


Fourth STAR!


Fifth STAR!


Definitely a satisfying meal! *slurps*

Station 8 - Hong Sheng Restaurant

Ok, this was totally out from our itinerary! We just so happen to pass by this restaurant which seems to be famous for something as the crowd was kinda big. So, we parked our cars and drop-by for bowls of Wan Tan Mee.



The wan tan mee was abit salty though but still, it taste good. =) Even for a non-fan of Wan Tan Mee. Haha!


Station 9 - Restaurant Capitol Satay


Finally, the haunt stopped here. Celup-celup all the way! Weeeeeeee~ Thank goodness the queue was LONG enough for us to digest partially of what we ate the whole day.





I'm so looking forward to another trip with u guys! -Love-

Friday, September 17, 2010


Exhausting. One word to describe everything now.

Eliminating that, everything is AWESOME!

Birthday party night-out at Zouk, Velvet + Phuture last night!

Malacca 1-day-trip today!

Just got back to PJ feeling that i'm going to faint anytime soon.

Need serious rest especially my tummy and legs.

Let me sort out the pictures before hitting the sack.

Updates soon!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Recap - two

Just came back from Johor. Thank goodness the traffic at the highway tonight was pretty smooth. But sitting in the car for more than 2 hours seriously flattened my ass. Gosh, right now i'm missing all my cousins already. Had such a short time with them..... gonna miss the fun! All we need is just a paper and a pen, then we can come out with topics and jokes for hours. Am so totally looking forward the next meet up session ppl! *hearts*

Took this Polaroid picture at mcD few days ago. <3>

- darling was complaining that her face was blocked by Rachu. Lol... indeed we need to retake this -

Polaroid, simply capturing us hanging around together through the midnight.... Instant!! I'm lovin it.

Since its a recap post, let me just continue with what i've left from. Seem to me like i almost forgot to make a shout-out here to my honey - San... Happy Birthday!

How will i forget bout u. Hahaha... Just been pretty busy and caught up with things which u know exactly what right? lol.

San, someone i've known for almost 10 years. We've been best friends since we met but never been so close until the month of July 2009. Strangely to say, only we know ourselves how strong the bond between us and what makes us so fond of each other. lol...


We have plenty of memories that we treasure, as well as memories we both would love to forget. Things that we shared are endless and because this, we both still manage to keep each other close even though we are miles apart.


It is weird that we both are attracted to new things.... easily get bored of what we owned..... but still we haven get rid of each other. Ironic!

Sometimes, u just make me feel like i'm not a complete idiot because the missing parts is all you! hahahahahaha.....

Well, i don't think the rows of fights we had is countable anymore. But guess what?

Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognize that it is a mistake when u make it again! Weeeee.


We both just enjoy having this Love & Hate relationship. Owh, its too awesome to stop it right?


ROTFL! I decided and forced myself to post this pic coz its like the funniest pic i've ever took with you. And this pic just have to be up here for the fun of it weih...... Hahaha!!! Anyway, do u like the present i sent u? My hard work okie? Just now i glance through it again but just couldn't bear finishing it. Embarrassing! wtf. Can be listed as the most awkward moment in my entire life adi. U better appreciate it. *bluek*


Owh! Happy 22nd Birthday again! Can't wait for u to come back and together we shall start doing everything in our 'bucket list'! See you soon!!! Xoxo.

Continue with another good friend of mine who shared the same birthday as the one mentioned above.... Chow Wei Kheng, Happy 21st!!!

Hahaha... to someone who loves PINK PIGGIES, do u still get any of that as present this year? I wonder. Lol.


Wishing u the best throughout the year, hope each and every passing year bring you wisdom, peace and cheer!

I wish for you the fulfillment of all of your fondest dreams. I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise.

I wish for you that whatever you want most in life, it comes to you, just the way you imagine it.

Always remember, ur not getting older. U are getting better! *wink*


I hope you get as much pleasure from our friendship as I do. May your birthday bring you as much happiness as you give to everyone who knows you!

OMG! I think my whole post is going to circle around birthdays! Hahaha..... wth! Finally figured why am i so busy last month. Oh my my my........

Here u go! The birthday boy is up next!


Mr. Ng Xian Neng. Had a great time partying all night? hahaha...... Just too bad didn't manage to make u all boozed up by alcohol. Next round perhaps?? *grin*




Although your birthday has already passed, but hoping it was simply one of the best. Many happy happy returns!!! *huggs*

To my dear friend Emilia,


Happy birthday to you! I'm glad that we managed to meet up for a simple dinner celebrating ur auspicious day! May you have all the joy your heart can hold, all the smiles a day can bring and all the blessings a life can unfold!

Last but not least...... To my dearest friend of 16 years! Ting Ting!

Woots! Big Kiss to u first! Muaxx.......


Congrats my old friend! You finally reached the same age as me. Aren't u happy that u welcomed the number 22 together with me and all ur dear friends? Lol. Owh, i'm sure ur touched......

Happy birthday my best friend,
Amazing times, we always spend.
Laughter and jokes are common place,
Since we built that solid base.

Special friend that I hold dear,
Always wish to have you near.
We get along, like bread with honey,
A friendship worth, much more than money.

If you stumble, count me there,
Gratitude; no need to declare.
Your thoughts are clear, in my mind,
Understanding we always find.

Happy birthday my best friend,
I’m excited to attend.
This birthday poem, is just for you,
A great big smile is overdue.

P/s : No more birthday parties soon please......