Wednesday, May 27, 2009

* hearts *



I came across these adorable pics that i need to share right now! O.M.G.

C & B



*screams*....... AGAIN!

i just love seeing them together!
Chuck & Blair are perfect.
i'll pray that they wont break up in Season 3. ( seriously doubt it ) hahaha!


Darn! why does emo songs always randomly played when u are feeling down?? wtf. I cant get myself to be in a mood for anything and this can be frustrating really... My feelings right now? M.I.X. I wanna be happy!!! I wanna be happy!!! I wanna be happy!!! omg.... i sounded like some 5 year old kid who insisted on having a candy. Arrgh! damn.

My sound track is giving me a hard time. BACKSTREET BOYS - inconsolable???? wtf!

Has anyone of u try acting like some insane soul walking around the house finding something u dun even know what it was? OR buried urself under the blanket crying for no reason? Throwing tantrum in ur own room not letting anyone else to see? Arrgh!

To filled up the time, i did something which i never thought i would have done it ever again for years. I PLAYED THE PIANO!!!!! My piano has been isolated at the corner of my house with dust covered most part of it. *pooofff* as i clean the dust away... i sneezed several times. Sigh... I played so badly that me, myself and i can't stand it anymore. Thinking back on how my parents send me to piano lessons when i'm young, how my few diff teachers taught me with so much patient. *guilty* I wished i didnt gave up on everything i do.... Does time machine really exist??

.... I shall go mourn again now ....

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Just going to post up some pics taken tonight at Pyramid. Went shopping with Sian few hours before ANOTHER birthday dinner with Sze. hahaha... This time is with another sort of gang of people that we know. Its really good to gather together with all of them! since we haven meet up for a LONG time =p

~ Just before the dinner, Sian is having her own autograph session with her IDOL. ( perhaps or maybe ) haha. Sorry that i cant remember her name. oops! but her singing not bad la actually. hmm.


~ Sian, me & Sze


~ shuk ching, yee lian & siu ni


~ ka how, wei jie, wei shen & raymond


~ Smile *



Saturday, May 23, 2009

21st Blast - Dear M.sze

woooo~~~ just back from the celebration of my dear friend. Hey ming sze! did u enjoy ur day? Hahahaha... *winkwink*

Together with the perfect 10 , we had dinner at Farmland Steamboat Restaurant. Well, to be honest, the food that wasnt really THAT good la. I dunno why still they managed to open so many branches around Malaysia. hmm... Summore we're visited by UNINVITED guests - Cockroaches! damn disgusting!!! EWWW~~~ i guess we wont suggest that place to anyone else. ( i hope that WOMAN wont see this post ) hahahahaha!

- hugs -

After dinner we headed to Station-1 for some 'chit-chatting' moments. Thanks to San, the birthday girl & amelia got drunk! HAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!! i bet that's the happiest moment of San's life... seriously E.V.I.L..... but both of them, their alcohol tolerance is so low! omg.... its just beer and not even liquor. 4% alcohol level they couldn't take it. Nvm, next round we shall feed them with 10 times more of alcohol level... WEEE~~~~~~ so fun right?? *evil grin*

- 1 of the 2 buckets of Skol -

When the clock strikes 12!!!! *DangDangDanggggggggggg*

- HAPPY 21st Birthday -

- oh, dear M.Sze is drunk! -

- notice the face of Amelia? hahaha.... -

..... waiting for Tracey to upload pics in FaceBook .....
can u upload faster? we need to get up early for breakfast tmr!!!! *yawns*

p.s. : Stay tune! =p ( oh, i finally watched Angels & Demons earlier this noon! =p

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

on a sunny hot afternoon....

i've been looking at this blank page for a long time. Looking out through the wide sliding door beside me, things i see most is just cars passing by. Strangers wonder about the lane.... Hmmph.

In front of me, sitting four working men. Maybe around their 40s. Chatting non-stop. I begin to wonder whether guys love talking as much as the ladies.. or more? Hahaha... Nothing is certain. *turning my head to the opposite direction*... i saw a slimming center. Shit, i need to go on diet desperately. Been putting on weight since... ARRGH! i dun wanna talk bout it. *sob*

Few hours ago, i was still lying at my couch, watching an outdated movie -Marley & Me- The story is about the person life after he adopted a dog. Well, to be honest.. i find it kinda hard to understand what really makes someone so deeply in love with his/her pet. Due to the fact that I'm not a animal lover. But indeed, i was bit touched at the end of the movie. *sigh* This reminded me bout something. 2 beautiful pics to share with u guys. Taken few days ago at Li Huei's house. With the main star - REX!

DSC00021 (1)


Almost 3 hours i've been sitting here. Accompany my dear Princess. Princess having her exam tmr and needed someone to bring her out from her house to STUDY! needless to say, most ppl find it a problem studying at home. Hmm... Being a good + kind hearted friend, i drove her to Starbucks. This is not the initial plan but we decided on Starbucks just for the sake of Miss YAP! who demanded.... *slap* According to her, its very hot outside so we have to go somewhere cold enough. So, here i am.... blogging at a corner. Not that i was complaining much... i was too bored at home!! hahaha.... Haihz, few years ago Starbucks was empty most of the time. But NOW??? People coming in constantly. And not to my surprise, most of it is young college kids....

Shit. I'm hungry. And feeling hungry at Starbucks is not good. Not good at all. Pouring my money out for this....

- mocha frap. & cinnamon -


I've got nothing to do! Nothing at all! Shit. I have a miserable life. Arrgh!!

Nevertheless, i still enjoy being here. Looking at Princess studying for her Econs Test! wuuuhhh~~~ *evil grin*

- a SHORT moment of Princess concentrating -

Hahahah... as for my "honey", she's busy with her assignment. Oh, she want me to make an announcement here. SHE IS WILLING TO PAY RM200 FOR THOSE WHO OFFER TO HELP FINISH HER ASSIGNMENT. fyi, her assignment is about creating a curriculum for children. Simple right? Hahahah... =p

OOO! sky is getting DARK! Shit, i'm feeling sleepy. Will update again soon. XoXo!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bringing it Back - again.

For the first time since.... i dunno when. Kinda lost track of my time. I woke up before 8am for BREAKFAST! damn OMG right... i know. Thanks to SanSan. *wink* U must be very happy and proud la. U manage to drag 4 lazy bumbs ( me, trac, weiling, lihuey ) to go dimSum with u. Summore after a tiring day last night! OON's 21st Bday Bash!! I dun have the pics and videos with me. So will upload it at facebook as soon as i got it k? hehe! =p

Ok, so i've decided to dedicate this part of my post to dear AMELIA! ur 21st birthday. I know at that time most of us are pretty busy. Didnt spend much time with u. But at least we manage to surprise u la... i hope. HAHAHA!! sincerely wishing u a Happy Belated Birthday again my dear. Posting along some of ur beautiful moments~

- Luv, ur 'LEGS' -

oh ya. I found this very funny pic of u amelia! WHY ARE U SO SCARED OF THE CAKE?

- so cute la u..*cough* -

ok la. Dun so evil. Here is the prettier version of u. *wink-wink*



- xoxo -

hmm, i'm really happy and satisfied with my holidays so far. I've manage to fully 'utilized' it everyday. Meet up with long lost mates and all... ARRGH! i miss u guys so much. Catching up with u all really make my life memorable. *hugs* Few days ago, i get to go sing k! wooohh~ its been some time really. Summore i didnt know NewWay now so cheap. LETS GO AGAIN!!!!! hehehe...

desperate to go again! haha.. =p

with darling Trac!

omg. wth are we doing? *memory lost*

with honey Adel!

together with oon!

SANSAN!! ( drinking partner eh? ) hahaha...

where is SianSian?? ish. that feller sure go toilet or talking on phone la for sure!

Faster plan for the next karaoke session!!!! i'm waiting.... =p

oh, my latest craving! ASAM LAKSA!! dun ask me why.

i'm still searching for the best asam laksa in town.

hey guys, dun get cheated by this pic ok? This bowl of asam laksa SUCK! hahaha...

p.s : i want to go Petaling Street for Asam Laksa!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flying Together With Time!

woo~! finally, i'm available. Able to dig out some of my precious time to update my blog. Not complaining here bout how much time i needed more! Coz that's kinda impossible to change. Wait, what's the topic i'm going to talk about? Shit. Pointless again. *slap*

ok. Just a quick update bout what's been happening around me since my previous post. YES my dear friends, i'm on holiday now! WEEEEEE~~~ i'm damn bloody happy! finished my final paper last Monday then went for vacation at Langkawi with a bunch of SAKAI-s and leng lui-s the day after. A 4 days-3 nights trip. Goodness, plz be patient for my Langkawi post. I need a LOONNGG time. Due to the fact that i haven collect ALL the pics yet. hahahah... =p Although its damn tiring, but i had a great time. The most important thing for me is just having fun hanging out with them. *wink* HAHAHA!

Before i forget. I really want to thank Bee, Esther, Rach, Frank, Philip, Quinn for giving me the 2nd birthday surprise! seriously, i'm shocked. I had no idea that u guys will celebrate my one-month later birthday for another time! *touched*... Thanks guys. Although u all are tired, broke and all...HAHA... Love u all! Muaxx!

At Sanctuary...

- girls -

- baby bee -

- frank -

- dear rach -

- quinn quinn -

- darling esther -

- philip -

- *hearts* -

Yesterday went celebrate Mother's Day. Well, i didnt really did much for my mum la. Just got her a card and bring her for lunch. I promised i'll definitely do better next year. =p Went to B.B.Q. Plazza on Sunday noon. Mummy, i know i didnt tell u this face to face but i hope u know that I love u. ( and always will ) *hug*.... Happy Mother's Day! To my mum and all the mums out there!


- mum & me -

- mummy 1st attempt to cam-whore - passed!

- daddy tries to cam-whore too - ok LA...

well, my day doesn't end there. After celebrating, i have to rushed back home to meet up with 2 pigs.. OOOOPS. sorry, one pig and a stick to be exact. Together, we 3 have to go all the way to Times Square just to watch movie with my baby Bee. The initial plan was to watch Angels & Demons. WHO KNOWS! .... we ended up watching STAR TREK instead. The movie wasnt TOOOOOOOOO bad la. But still, lack of excitement. Haha! And it cost me another 11 bucks. *sobs* haihzzz. While i was mourning for my money, the pig and the stick is trying to search for their childhood memories.


ok, i forgot what they called this drink where u get from 7-eleven. Slurrpy? whatever la! somehow, someone just couldn't AIM PROPERLY! sad sad...


Again, had McD for dinner. ARRGH!!! i hate McD and KFC.... ( for now! )

A final pic before we parted. ( er, sounds weird... ) but dun care la! I love pics! WEEEE~~~!!!!


GOSH! i think i'm changing back to a normal person again. Its not even 3am and i'm feeling sleepy. Arrgh............ Hahaha! time for me to REST. Night ppl... Wait for my Langkawi post! *wink-wink*

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yet Another Random Moments

hahaha.. yes, i was suppose to study my Data Structure. I had no idea izit fortunate or not, philip wasnt around to give his 'lecture'. He is back to his own sweet home. Ish... Abandon us like that. CIS. But nevertheless, Frank decided to go find his lover yesterday.... so, me, Rachel & Esther tagged along. =p

The main reason for us going there is to ask Philip for H.E.L.P. ( yeah.. seriously, this is our initial plan ) BUT!!!! haihz.... we never ever failed to enjoy ourself. *wink-wink*. To be honest, we spent most of our time enjoying and totally forgot bout our studies. GREAT!!! *bang-head*

Probably because HOME is too comfortable. *sigh*

shit. i Just realized my recent post all BULL SHIT. wtf. Anyway... i dun care. HAAHAHAH.. so, i'm going to continue bull-shitting here. WTF! *slap-myself*

ok, a post without pics is so boring. So empty.

To fill it up ~~~

I'll just post up few pics taken in Philip-theStick room. =p