Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flying Together With Time!

woo~! finally, i'm available. Able to dig out some of my precious time to update my blog. Not complaining here bout how much time i needed more! Coz that's kinda impossible to change. Wait, what's the topic i'm going to talk about? Shit. Pointless again. *slap*

ok. Just a quick update bout what's been happening around me since my previous post. YES my dear friends, i'm on holiday now! WEEEEEE~~~ i'm damn bloody happy! finished my final paper last Monday then went for vacation at Langkawi with a bunch of SAKAI-s and leng lui-s the day after. A 4 days-3 nights trip. Goodness, plz be patient for my Langkawi post. I need a LOONNGG time. Due to the fact that i haven collect ALL the pics yet. hahahah... =p Although its damn tiring, but i had a great time. The most important thing for me is just having fun hanging out with them. *wink* HAHAHA!

Before i forget. I really want to thank Bee, Esther, Rach, Frank, Philip, Quinn for giving me the 2nd birthday surprise! seriously, i'm shocked. I had no idea that u guys will celebrate my one-month later birthday for another time! *touched*... Thanks guys. Although u all are tired, broke and all...HAHA... Love u all! Muaxx!

At Sanctuary...

- girls -

- baby bee -

- frank -

- dear rach -

- quinn quinn -

- darling esther -

- philip -

- *hearts* -

Yesterday went celebrate Mother's Day. Well, i didnt really did much for my mum la. Just got her a card and bring her for lunch. I promised i'll definitely do better next year. =p Went to B.B.Q. Plazza on Sunday noon. Mummy, i know i didnt tell u this face to face but i hope u know that I love u. ( and always will ) *hug*.... Happy Mother's Day! To my mum and all the mums out there!


- mum & me -

- mummy 1st attempt to cam-whore - passed!

- daddy tries to cam-whore too - ok LA...

well, my day doesn't end there. After celebrating, i have to rushed back home to meet up with 2 pigs.. OOOOPS. sorry, one pig and a stick to be exact. Together, we 3 have to go all the way to Times Square just to watch movie with my baby Bee. The initial plan was to watch Angels & Demons. WHO KNOWS! .... we ended up watching STAR TREK instead. The movie wasnt TOOOOOOOOO bad la. But still, lack of excitement. Haha! And it cost me another 11 bucks. *sobs* haihzzz. While i was mourning for my money, the pig and the stick is trying to search for their childhood memories.


ok, i forgot what they called this drink where u get from 7-eleven. Slurrpy? whatever la! somehow, someone just couldn't AIM PROPERLY! sad sad...


Again, had McD for dinner. ARRGH!!! i hate McD and KFC.... ( for now! )

A final pic before we parted. ( er, sounds weird... ) but dun care la! I love pics! WEEEE~~~!!!!


GOSH! i think i'm changing back to a normal person again. Its not even 3am and i'm feeling sleepy. Arrgh............ Hahaha! time for me to REST. Night ppl... Wait for my Langkawi post! *wink-wink*