Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bringing it Back - again.

For the first time since.... i dunno when. Kinda lost track of my time. I woke up before 8am for BREAKFAST! damn OMG right... i know. Thanks to SanSan. *wink* U must be very happy and proud la. U manage to drag 4 lazy bumbs ( me, trac, weiling, lihuey ) to go dimSum with u. Summore after a tiring day last night! OON's 21st Bday Bash!! I dun have the pics and videos with me. So will upload it at facebook as soon as i got it k? hehe! =p

Ok, so i've decided to dedicate this part of my post to dear AMELIA! ur 21st birthday. I know at that time most of us are pretty busy. Didnt spend much time with u. But at least we manage to surprise u la... i hope. HAHAHA!! sincerely wishing u a Happy Belated Birthday again my dear. Posting along some of ur beautiful moments~

- Luv, ur 'LEGS' -

oh ya. I found this very funny pic of u amelia! WHY ARE U SO SCARED OF THE CAKE?

- so cute la u..*cough* -

ok la. Dun so evil. Here is the prettier version of u. *wink-wink*



- xoxo -

hmm, i'm really happy and satisfied with my holidays so far. I've manage to fully 'utilized' it everyday. Meet up with long lost mates and all... ARRGH! i miss u guys so much. Catching up with u all really make my life memorable. *hugs* Few days ago, i get to go sing k! wooohh~ its been some time really. Summore i didnt know NewWay now so cheap. LETS GO AGAIN!!!!! hehehe...

desperate to go again! haha.. =p

with darling Trac!

omg. wth are we doing? *memory lost*

with honey Adel!

together with oon!

SANSAN!! ( drinking partner eh? ) hahaha...

where is SianSian?? ish. that feller sure go toilet or talking on phone la for sure!

Faster plan for the next karaoke session!!!! i'm waiting.... =p

oh, my latest craving! ASAM LAKSA!! dun ask me why.

i'm still searching for the best asam laksa in town.

hey guys, dun get cheated by this pic ok? This bowl of asam laksa SUCK! hahaha...

p.s : i want to go Petaling Street for Asam Laksa!!!