Saturday, May 23, 2009

21st Blast - Dear M.sze

woooo~~~ just back from the celebration of my dear friend. Hey ming sze! did u enjoy ur day? Hahahaha... *winkwink*

Together with the perfect 10 , we had dinner at Farmland Steamboat Restaurant. Well, to be honest, the food that wasnt really THAT good la. I dunno why still they managed to open so many branches around Malaysia. hmm... Summore we're visited by UNINVITED guests - Cockroaches! damn disgusting!!! EWWW~~~ i guess we wont suggest that place to anyone else. ( i hope that WOMAN wont see this post ) hahahahaha!

- hugs -

After dinner we headed to Station-1 for some 'chit-chatting' moments. Thanks to San, the birthday girl & amelia got drunk! HAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!! i bet that's the happiest moment of San's life... seriously E.V.I.L..... but both of them, their alcohol tolerance is so low! omg.... its just beer and not even liquor. 4% alcohol level they couldn't take it. Nvm, next round we shall feed them with 10 times more of alcohol level... WEEE~~~~~~ so fun right?? *evil grin*

- 1 of the 2 buckets of Skol -

When the clock strikes 12!!!! *DangDangDanggggggggggg*

- HAPPY 21st Birthday -

- oh, dear M.Sze is drunk! -

- notice the face of Amelia? hahaha.... -

..... waiting for Tracey to upload pics in FaceBook .....
can u upload faster? we need to get up early for breakfast tmr!!!! *yawns*

p.s. : Stay tune! =p ( oh, i finally watched Angels & Demons earlier this noon! =p