Friday, February 26, 2010

Back from the break.

*puffff* dust are accumulating here already. Really sorry for the lack of updates. Been seriously busy with my wonderful life. Loving every bits of it. (maybe not every pieces of it) Hahaha.

Since i'm waiting for Rach to send me slides, i've decided to come here just to refresh some memories of mine.

Few days of hanging out with my cousins and relatives during CNY was so enjoying! Played mahjong whenever we are free almost about to make me mumble "hong zhong.... fei...... yat tong...." when i sleep. Scary. LOL! I gonna miss all of u. Especially the time we're at pavillion. Next year plz come soon soon soon...... =p

Basically, the rest of my CNY holiday... i spent it with my Subang-Kakies. Watched 2 movies again together which are the Big Small Soldier and also 72 Tenants of Prosperity. Hahahaha.... i definitely prefer the Jacky Chan movie. So much worth watching compared to the other.

Once back to my classes this week.... i only get to sleep like few hours per day. So now my eyes looked damn bengkak... *sobs* I going to sleep earlier tonight. Yes, I am. Assignments & preparing for presentation really are exhausting. Gave my dad a small birthday surprise. =p He loves it! xoxo.... GLAD!

So, just got back from Cameron Highlands. Seriously tiring. Had fun though.... but i think my legs are starting to ache now. Omg..... Pictures i wont be uploading so wait for others to tag lah! Hehehe... Miss the cool weather once i reached PJ. Gosh...... Tonight i saw a bright full moon. Reminds me of someone! Hahaha. Someone who insisted that she saw a rabbit shape shadow on the moon. LOL! Miss u weihh.....

So, guess tmr another new week. Exams on Wed Thurs + coming Monday. Arrgh! Not forget to mention project due dates everyweek.... *faints*

Till then peeps!

With love ♥ yeen.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hey guys! Chinese new year is round the corner. Got all ur new clothes? Decorated ur house with reds? LOL! I haven done any of those much but.... guess i still have time. *errrrr*

On the same day, its Valentine's Day. So, wishing everyone an early Happy Valentine's too!

I'll be back to my hometown-Johor this Saturday morning i guess. No internet connection for me till i come back from my celebration. Cant wait to meet up with all my relatives! Miss my cousins especially. I know this year, its gonna be so different. But we will go through it together right? No worries~ Luv u all.

Right, this week classes wasn't that pack so i manage to catch 3 movies!


If u like Michael Miu, u need to watch this! I'm serious.


Not bad really for a adventure movie. Give it a try. A story about a boy who found out that he is actually the son of Poseidon and how he and his fellow friends on their quest to save his mom and the world.


As for this..... hmm..... it was really OK OK la. Fighting scene was good but i think there was too much of it. And why Jay Chow?? LOL!

Alright. Time to start packing back home peeps! Have a safe journey everyone! *hearts*

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Darling's Surprise!

As promised. Here is a post about Esther's 22nd Birthday. From what happened before the cake was presented in front of her until the night we had one of our best dinner at Souled Out!

First! Here is a picture of the birthday girl happily posing with her cake!


Now, lets turn back time... just 15 minutes before the clock strike 12.


HAHAHAHAHA! This all happened in just a split second. Quinn's itchy hand went and search through the bag of esther's present. And, there was a bottle of nail polish newly bought by Bee... quietly lying in the bag until... yup! The culprit. DROP IT ON THE FLOOR OF THE ELEVATOR! omggggg..... Need not to remind that there is cctv inside. *cover face*

U guys should see how Quinn's face expression when he got cheated that the nail polish was CUSTOM MADE FROM SINGAPORE THAT COST MORE THAN 100 bucks. wtf. LOL!

I had no idea why we so SUEY that night. Confession to Esther, ur cake seriously almost got knock off to the ground by Rachel. No joke. Thanks to Jason who still manage to balance it well. *claps*


Picture of the gurls and you!


Picture of the guys and you!


And as for the main dinner @ SOULed Out.

Its a place recommended to dine in ppl. Had an awesome night!

Food was great with GREAT price also. LOL! Well, i think is quite reasonable la. For a place with environment like this.




Guys, next time we also get down from our car right in front of the restaurant k? Hahaha.

These are the entries we had that night ~









Look so damn delicious right? LOL!

Jason summore say his soul still hanging around there.... haven't come back to PJ yet. wtf!

So, here are the wonderful ppl who were there that night!

Starting with the princess herself.


The 4 of us *hearts*


Five other dear fellows!


Lets go back there again guys! I totally agree with Jason! Hahaha.

Other pictures uploaded in my facebook.

Happy Birthday once again Darling! Luv u.


Big big Sigh! I'm officially sick. Wtf.

I was coughing the whole night right after my dinner.

And i felt abit feverish.

Assignments are waiting for me to catch up.

Shopping for CNY doesn't seems to be happening.

Exams revision during my CNY holidays? So not.

My post for Darling still pending. ISH!

Emo. =(