Friday, February 26, 2010

Back from the break.

*puffff* dust are accumulating here already. Really sorry for the lack of updates. Been seriously busy with my wonderful life. Loving every bits of it. (maybe not every pieces of it) Hahaha.

Since i'm waiting for Rach to send me slides, i've decided to come here just to refresh some memories of mine.

Few days of hanging out with my cousins and relatives during CNY was so enjoying! Played mahjong whenever we are free almost about to make me mumble "hong zhong.... fei...... yat tong...." when i sleep. Scary. LOL! I gonna miss all of u. Especially the time we're at pavillion. Next year plz come soon soon soon...... =p

Basically, the rest of my CNY holiday... i spent it with my Subang-Kakies. Watched 2 movies again together which are the Big Small Soldier and also 72 Tenants of Prosperity. Hahahaha.... i definitely prefer the Jacky Chan movie. So much worth watching compared to the other.

Once back to my classes this week.... i only get to sleep like few hours per day. So now my eyes looked damn bengkak... *sobs* I going to sleep earlier tonight. Yes, I am. Assignments & preparing for presentation really are exhausting. Gave my dad a small birthday surprise. =p He loves it! xoxo.... GLAD!

So, just got back from Cameron Highlands. Seriously tiring. Had fun though.... but i think my legs are starting to ache now. Omg..... Pictures i wont be uploading so wait for others to tag lah! Hehehe... Miss the cool weather once i reached PJ. Gosh...... Tonight i saw a bright full moon. Reminds me of someone! Hahaha. Someone who insisted that she saw a rabbit shape shadow on the moon. LOL! Miss u weihh.....

So, guess tmr another new week. Exams on Wed Thurs + coming Monday. Arrgh! Not forget to mention project due dates everyweek.... *faints*

Till then peeps!

With love ♥ yeen.


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