Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hey guys! Chinese new year is round the corner. Got all ur new clothes? Decorated ur house with reds? LOL! I haven done any of those much but.... guess i still have time. *errrrr*

On the same day, its Valentine's Day. So, wishing everyone an early Happy Valentine's too!

I'll be back to my hometown-Johor this Saturday morning i guess. No internet connection for me till i come back from my celebration. Cant wait to meet up with all my relatives! Miss my cousins especially. I know this year, its gonna be so different. But we will go through it together right? No worries~ Luv u all.

Right, this week classes wasn't that pack so i manage to catch 3 movies!


If u like Michael Miu, u need to watch this! I'm serious.


Not bad really for a adventure movie. Give it a try. A story about a boy who found out that he is actually the son of Poseidon and how he and his fellow friends on their quest to save his mom and the world.


As for this..... hmm..... it was really OK OK la. Fighting scene was good but i think there was too much of it. And why Jay Chow?? LOL!

Alright. Time to start packing back home peeps! Have a safe journey everyone! *hearts*


Anonymous said...

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