Saturday, September 4, 2010

Recap - one

The beginning of September, i'm going through the same thing over again. Sometimes i just wanna have a self-getaway trip to..... *secret* Maybe i'll ask you to come along with me. You, whom i will still talk to when i'm in anti-social-mood. LOL!

I spent my whole Saturday night going through my photo albums.... and omg! So many photos i realised its not uploaded to public yet. Its still in a mess though..... need to start sorting them accordingly. ARRGH! Not having my laptop for so long is not good! Not good at all.

This is JUST SO Amazing about picture. It tells stories... It brings back memories.

Some made me laugh! Some made me tear! I'm just glad either way.

Gosh, seriously dunno where should i start. Lets see......... oh right!

Sayang @ Tracey's 22nd Birthday! Hahaha... i know its already been sometime but bear with me ppl. I have no laptop remember..... Here u go!

Dinner at Restaurant Xian Ding Wei, Sunway Pyramid.



Authentic Chinese dishes for the night with the bunch of form6 buddies. A simple yet memorable session where we always wanted. Never forget how much gossips were exchanged!! Love it.

Second round of celebration was at Palate Palette, KL


AMAZING turn-out at sayang's party! I think all of us really packed up the small warm restaurant. Lol.



Night was just too young to end after dinner, so all of us ended up at Zouk-Phuture, KL.


To sum up everything? Blasting. Happy Birthday to u again sayang. Love u always <3

Clicking into the next photo album...... Ah! BBQ party with my coursemates. Its just about gathering everyone to have FUN especially at this time where all of us are busy with our internship at different companies. A time for us to get together with no assignments in our minds!





As usual, we never failed to "force" our beloved coursemates into obstacles which they "love"! The picture below are my favorites! omg........ just can't stop giggling while looking at them!


Girls & Guys group photo for remembrance.



The first birthday that i celebrated on the month of August is non other than our RACHU! Ok la, since its about you, i'll be nice. Rachel, Happy birthday! Its something new for us as we normally have our party either at some restaurant or club. This time, she had her party at Neway, One Utama. 5 hours of crazieeeeeenessssss inside the room was just awesome!



But of course, our bday girl........ dedicated few slow smoothing melodies for the night.


Half way through the karaoke & buffet session, the cake were brought in and for the record, we sang Happy Birthday song in 3 different language for more than 3 times EACH! *shiver* lol. Thanks to the song mtv which repeats forever.


CHEERS & Happy 22nd Birthday!!!



One of the best candid shot! Until now i still have no ideawhat's going on......


This is the 3rd time you celebrated ur birthday with us all. Hope u enjoyed!!





p/s : Next half of the updates i'll continue asap. I've been staying up till 7am. That's enough, but can i sleep now with an empty stomach? FML.