Wednesday, December 30, 2009

L.o.v.e. Marathon

Imagine me participating in a running marathon. HAHAHAHA! no way? hmmmm.. how bout walking marathon? No?? Just joking la. Of course i dun involve myself in any of those kinda marathon. So what marathon u usually see me in?


After last night Sherlock Holmes, this afternoon went for 2 movies again!


Bodyguards and Assassins. Honestly, i like the movie. I mean at least i get the meaning and the purpose why those people have to sacrifice themselves. I did cried at some parts but not as bad like how Amelia cried la. LOL~ ( San cried too! ) Haihz... its so torturing knowing they gonna die one by one weihh. For those who interested in those china revolution related movie, this is something u should go for! I really enjoyed it. =p

Straight after 15 minutes of toilet break, we went for the next movie.


Alvin and the Chipmunks (2). ITS DISSAPOINTING LA! Basically, its just a simple popcorn movie where u pay, go in have some laughs. I find it pretty lame also. Just, buy dvd and watch with ur whole family at home. Would be more than enough. Thank goodness the aunty sitting beside me laugh at everything-anything-from-the-start-till-the-end. Which sort of triggered me and San laughing buds. If not.... we probably will be so bored just like the time we watched Night at the Muzeum 2. LOL~