Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New chapter.

My new semester started on Monday. Missed one tutorial class which is at 9am. Way too early... LOL! Not my intention to skip it really...... But this afternoon i'm so proud of myself coz i stayed awake for 2 whole hours during the lecture!!!!! omg. Didnt doze off middle of lecture weihh... ( i think i'm gettting 4.0 this semester la. wtf. )

Anyway, the first movie for this semester with my uni-buddies! SHERLOCK HOLMES.


I did set a high expectation for this movie but it didnt dissapoint me! Its a movie which i will highly recommend for everyone. No joke. The whole story plot was really interesting. Plus u get to see the hot Jude Law. Hahahaha. Just watch it people. No regrets. *wink*

Tomorrow i'll be catching another 2 movies. ( hopefully ) ...... with my honey!!! Can't wait.