Tuesday, December 15, 2009


YES. This is what i'm feeling right now. I hate everything that is happening this year. I'm scared what i'm going to face next year. Everything is changing. I hate changes. HATE!

YES. I'm crying. I cried when i was at starbucks chit-chatting with u.

YES. I did not realized that your birthday was actually this Sunday and not the next.

YES. I dont remember anything bout u leaving Malaysia. Leaving Subang. Leaving me.

YES. I totally cannot accept the fact ur gone next week.

YES. I'm crying when i'm on MSN with u.

YES. This probably the first time i'm admitting that i actually do care about u.

YES. Thre are so many things i want to do yet afraid of doing...... Singing-k, having breakfast or dinner, going movies or trip coz i know i'll end up crying. wtf.

YES. I still cant stop crying when i'm typing all this crap.

Jessica Loke Ling Xin. I hate it when u call me ur BESTEST FRIEND.

YOU are here with me for almost 16 years. OMG! Years of celebrating all occassions together coming to an end? Gosh. Although i really hate u for leaving, BUT i wish u all the best, of course. ( coz u know all these years i love u secretly right? ) hahahahaha.

p.s : I know ur still in Malaysia la. Idiot.