Thursday, December 24, 2009

Footsteps Three

Hey guys! i'm back again. Finally found a chance to sit and blog. Been really busy dude. So, what i've been up to? If u are stalking my facebook u should have known by now la. LOL!

I've watched the movie Avatar. Bout it, hmmm..... The graphic was really good i would say. But i cant stand the romance between the human and the avatar. NO WAY! I just dont feel the love between them both and i dun think such love exist. Is this a fairytale kind of movie? Will anyone willing to sacrifice their human body ( a good looking one ) and transformed into an alien creature? I was hoping the ending would be different. I pictured the guy to bid goodbye to her, gave her a final kiss and leave the place. Like it was his best dream of all. Something like that or he can die in her arms. *sigh* No, none of it happen la. Hahahaha. But still, i would recommend u to watch it at least once. =p

Next, to my bestest friend - Jessica Loke!


U are finally 21 years old now! omg. SO OLD~ haha. I really like the picture above coz its one of the few that u actually pose decently!!! Actually there is another one. Without ur eyes closed or showing off ur 'chang jiang'!


Am i right? U just see the one below~ *faints*


U are really lucky that on ur birthday, the 9 of us celebrated with u! Hope u enjoyed that night my babeh! Still remember how chinese cuisine taste like? Hahaha. You better do.... coz u only have corns around when ur in Nebraska! Want me to bring u one at the airport? I bet Malaysia's corn is different from Nebraska's!!!! hahahaha..

After the dinner, Amelia sort of suggested to have a ride to KL. With no purpose. It was great all the way until we got stuck in massive traffic jam! A Saturday night driving around KL! what a smart idea right? Gosh......


So, since we have no plans to go bars/clubs.... Taking pictures is the only option left for us!



Well, the rest of it are uploaded in facebook. We took shots until like 1am then some 'Cinderellas' have to go back home. Thank goodness. If not i dunno we will hang out in KL untill what time!

Er, but right after saying goodbye to the other 5...........


the 5 of us just couldnt stop! So, we continued cam-whoring in front of KLCC. ( where i guess the cleaners who are sweeping or mopping floor inside were wondering what-the-heck these young ppl doing ). LOL~


I always love hanging out with u all weihh.... *hearts* Lets do it again!!!

p.s. : the next -footsteps- will be on my outings with my highschool sweethearts! I'm too tired to continue now......