Sunday, January 3, 2010

A healthy way to begin with.

hey guys! its year 2010 now. What's the most beneficial thing u have done so far?

Today, as in this very morning. At 8am. ( its damn freaking early fyi ) Eight of us, the Subang-kia decided to move our ass out of bed and do something which is sorta like mission impossible! To name them - me myself, San, Ting, Tracey, Ling, Eujin, Ollie, Johwyn. We who normally start our day after 12pm surprisingly manage to make a change for the year 2010. Not yamcha. Not lunch. Not teatime. Not drinking-session. Not clubbing. WE WENT TO TAMAN PERTANIAN!

omfg! Believe it ppl. For hours we're in the jungle.....tracking, walking, jumping, climbing........ cycling ( not me la of course ). Seriously wtf. After reaching home half an hour ago... i realised how tired am i. How sleepy am i. Exhausted. But we need to do this more often weihhh. Motto of life : BE HEALTHY! lol.

Ok, no pics for now. Wont be getting it anytime soon... sorry! But i guess fb will be updated with it asap. Till then.... *yawns*