Saturday, January 9, 2010

Right Choice

Yeah. I just back from Opera, Sunway. I need to confess something. I didnt really want to go anywhere for the night. My stomach isn't feeling well for about 2 weeks. wtf! But after much "persuasion" from my honey..... Plus me thinking that TING and her leaving like so soon..... Damn. I cant stay at home. Nope! I have to get my ass ready and hang out more with them. Either now or never right? LOL!

I'm pretty upset that a month later, FEBRUARY. Two important parts of my life will be gone. One to London, another to Australia. I'm learning to say goodbye. I'm trying hard..... I know very well that everything wont be the same anymore. Feeling lonely is just the begining of it weihh. =( OK! stop thinking bout it.

Opera. I didnt go in the 1st floor or the 3rd floor to club. Heard that the music was great... While the rest are partying, we (me. san. ting. layling. vivian) took the other choice. 2nd floor which is the lounge bar! A nice chilling place. I probably would wan to go for the second time. The price for a drink at a place with nice view was reasonable i would say.

Oh! I tried a new drink today. BUDWEISER! I like it. Although my stomach kinda upset right now. And how come i'm feeling so cold? ARRGH! Should i make an appointment with the doc? hmph~


Before i go to bed.....

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