Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Special Trip

Bathed. Had a glass of grape juice.... feeling so relaxed right now. What could be better than turning on my mp3 and spend the night writing down bits and pieces about how amazing i spent my weekend. Along with 11 others buddies. Naming them starting from San, Ting, Trac, Adel, Ling, Elaine, Xin Ye, Ollie, Kheng, Jin & Tracy! (i didnt missed anyone right?)

It was quite a spontaneous trip i guess, especially for me. Definitely a last minute decision. LOL! Guys, i want to tell u that i never regret joining u all! I couldn't have spent my this 2 days any better. Thanks. *hugs*

Port Dickson! ( again, i know.... i just went there last month but who cares. Its the company that matter most right? )

Started our journey in the afternoon. Gathering all 12 of us isn't and easy task weihh. Hahaha. But we did manage it anyhow la. So off we go! To our destination just within an hour.....

The resort we stayed for 2 days 1 night!


The view from our apartment. Eight floor! Not a bad view huh?


Soon after we had a quick rest..... TO THE BEACH people!


I'm starting to love beaches. By just standing there.... facing the sea and just enjoy the breeze of wind blowing towards u.


What else can i crave for?

We love beaches right babehsssss??



Look at this weihh! Bright blue sky + a bunch of friends = AWESOME!


Never forget shadows of what we did. What we're been through together.


The bond between friendship. Counted not only by time but also the effort and heart u put in.






I believe a picture speaks a thousand words. =p

After hanging around there for an hour, off we go to another side of the beach. Wuuhooo~


Again. The view is great.



I mean the beach, sea and sun. Not San k? LOL!

Sunset. Reminds me that the day itself is coming to an end.





Be grateful.


Due to the fact that i've tried jet-ski twice last month, i decided to just stay by the beach. Watching them is as much fun too! hahaha...


Next water sport was something no one among us tried before. We dont really know the name of it but since VIPER was stated there... Viper it is!


omg! this Viper is freaking dangerous. wtf! Three people sitting inside a float like how u see in the picture above and then, their float will be pulled by a speed boat. IF U THINK ITS NOTHING SCARY.... THINK OVER & OVER again. U wont drop into the sea. Nope. U will get CHUCK or THROWN into the sea. The whole ride u gonna be bump so high up..... that u will end up FLYING away from ur float and SPLASH........ into the sea. Sounds fun right? If ur looking for some thrill excitement.... Yeah, strongly recommend this water sports to u weihh. Good luck! =p

The day at beach ended with aches - bruises - and also laughter.


A final shot. Love the glow....


Dinner at a chinese restaurant along the way back to Glory.

A day like that was slightly tiring for us. HAHAHA! getting old, shit. But just too bad, the night is too young to sleep. Changed into our comfortable pyjamas...... Snap! snap! SNAP!

One of my fav! *ooowwhhhh*


There just too many randoms.... so, i just picked 2 out of it. Hahaha. Others, see FB la k?


I just found out something. When i was looking through all the pictures....

While we're playing cards.....


Someone was being sneaky. Having a private moment with Mr. Voldka.



HAHAHA! another one was caught along.


U both are hilarious laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. LMFAO!

Ok, the night was a long one. Mine lasted till 5.30am. *blink*

Surprisingly, this morning... everyone was awake quite early i would say. AMAZING~

Had nasi lemak for breakfast. A fast wash up and.....

ZOOOOMMM...... off to the Light House!


Light house. Light house. Light house.


To reach there, we're supposed to need a jungle tracking for about 20 minutes. But due to our time constrains and some other 'personal reasons'..... LOL! we 'bribed' and drove right up.


We just wont stop fooling around...


Climbing the stairs all the way up was worth while.

One word to describe what we saw.







There are deeper path through the jungle but we didnt explore it anyway. Hahaha.. Not well equipped. Slippers..... not a good idea to continue definitely.

So we just wonder around. Pit stopped few times.


And then, bid goodbye to the light house.


Since going back home after checking out from Glory was way too early, we headed back to the beach once again!

Just like the last trip, San & me went to chase those small little crabs.


Ok, actually is just only San. I'm too scared to even picked it up. Ewww~ So, i just stroll behind her. Careful not to step onto any of those small little crabs. ARRGH!


Standing under the hot sun. At 1.30pm. For almost 2 hours. Gosh... i'm even darker right now. *sobs* The sunburnt from previous trips still not recovered and yet..... sigh. Now its gotten worst! But coming to beach., i'm prepared for it la. Just like to complaint. That's all. LOL!


With San -


With San & Kheng -


With Xin Ye -


Actually, the main stars of this trip is Ting and San. A last trip with all of us together. Of course is for the time being la..... there could be next in few years time right? *pray*

Ting, leaving to UK on 7th February 2010. =(


San, leaving to Australia on 24th February 2010. =(


When we first meet, we're so young and naive that we didnt realize that someday, we might be studying at different school... staying at different country. It wont be like those days where u both cycle to my house... accompany me to tuition or just to the hill top behind my house.

No matter how much i want u guys to just stay back here, i will still give u both my best wishes over there.


Loving u both every moment.....


Remember all those good times we had!


Yes, and my dear honey...... Dont climb trees in Australia k? I cant save u if u got stuck up there! Hahahaha....


Oh ya. I want Koala Bear!! Bring one back to me! HAHAHAHAHAHA.......

Gosh. I need to end my post. Gotta wake up early tmr, drive back to PJ. *yawns* And my class is at 9. wtf!

Till then. xoxo!


Love u all


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