Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blurrest Moment - ever.

Gosh. Do u guys understand the feeling of not knowing any single thing about ur assignment? Its not we dont know how to complete it... WE DONT EVEN KNOW WTF THE LECTURER WANT US TO WRITE IN THE REPORT! Assignment question is just a simple sentence. Given a cd with some program code inside which are not executable. Arrgh. WTF! Based on that and a document.... we have to write a report. Can anyone tell me wtf is that.

Woke up early to faculty, planned to discuss bout the assignment but ended up..... DUNNO. Asked almost every course mate in the same course.... no one started on the assignment which is gonna be due this friday. Great.

Ridiculous. Freaking annoyed with it now. And i'm sure that i'm not having pms k?