Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Two-Two!

Where some of us just passed our 21st Birthday... she, lined-in-front to be one of the first few who celebrated her 22nd Birthday. Wuuuhhh! Went to her room just now to... Didnt plan to surprise her coz she is getting way too smart to get con by us la. LOL. ( i'm praising u here ) Btw, i'm super tired right now so i shall keep this post short, sweet and simply k?

Bee, a special one whom i meet on the 3rd day of my Uni-orientation. A very talkative one and hyperactive girl she is. Hardly ever keep her mouth zipped. But yeah, this is exactly why i like hanging out with her. U never get bored. U never ran out of topics. Sometimes, when she's not around, i will wish that she's there together with me. ( quote : SOMETIMES ) wtf.

Sorry baby. I only manage to upload some of the pics. My eyes really dun allow me to continue. Omg. Its 2am now and my morning class is at 9am. And I know my design skills kinda suck la but hope u will like the card me and esther custom designed for u. ( which will be given to u soon ) hahaha.

Although just now we only had a small celebration in ur room, hope u still enjoyed. Big thank you for ur friends that bought u this wonderful cupcakes! Spiced up our party right? LOL!


Before anything else. The BIRTHDAY GAL! ( who just turned 22 ).


Together with Xian Neng. ( the sampat ).


And of course... yours truly. How can i put ur pic with XN without mine right? wtf.


Somehow, having a decent picture with u looks weird weihhh. I prefer the whacky us!


Will always love u baby. Stay pretty, healthy, smart forever! ooopps, add one more. Stay YOUNG as long as u can la...

i need to sleep adi. So, that's all for now la. And a reminder for u baby, I AM STILL 21. *wink*

Tmr night at Sahur? HAHAHAHAHA! ( inside joke )


yen Ho said...

nice cake ^^