Tuesday, May 16, 2006

~ da first DAy of school a.k.a. FORM 6 ~

i have to wake up at 6.20am in the morning today for school!!! arrgh... this sucks man! i've been sleeping all my life after spm and now its going to change!!! "sniff" this is so sad.. still havent forget what happened on F1 yesterday night... [ i'm half way through considering whether to support alonso from now on.. since kimi dissapoint me so much! ] and yet, i have to get ready for school.. and worst ----- wearing the form 6 uniform!!! my goodnesss. haha! at least there're some days i got to wear baju kurung. I was actually scared when i step my first foot in the school until i saw few others new form 6 students looking even greenier than me... haha! they're only 4 classes for the lower six. 6E till 6H. i got in 6E. most students are in my class. not many chooses art stream... [ subject i'm taking are biology, chemistry, mathematic T, pengajian am and MUET ] since its just registration, we finished bout 9.30.. went home and slept later on. haihz.. cant blame me... tmr there's orientation.. i dunno what's that for, maybe the school is affraid someone is going to get lost in the BIG school. Ohh, anyone knows where to get good stpm chemistry tuition? i need it ASAP!!! arrgh...