Thursday, December 4, 2008


nah. i'm just waiting for the rain to stop so i can start my jogging plan. WTH. ( dun u dare laugh ) hahahaha. its not a joke ok.

anyway, my house now is quiet finally. *wipe sweat* Since 12 noon i cant have a peace of mind WHY??? coz of them ( PIGGY, trac & ming ming ) crashing into my house. omg! they dig out my Play Station game and played till like no one else business. *laugh* i didnt know ( erm, as the matter of fact, i DO know ) tracey has NO potential to play any game. NOT one she will win. Wait, did i just say win? its impossible for her to finish a lap of car racing game lar. She actually drive by reversing her car all the way till the finishing line. DAMN funny. =p ( oh ya, talking bout tracey, sorry gal for spamming ur blog, dun delete it lar ok? its a nice post! ) yeah, while piggy keep face-booking and check out hot girls pics. WALAO~ ming sze is the only good girl among them. i love her the most. ( eh, cannot say out. Later amelia jealous. WTF. ) *yawns* omg, i'm feeling sleepy now! should i still go jogging?? oh no! mood going away.... sway with me babe! ignore that. pure randomness.

oh! i finally got 2 new dramas to watch! currently i'm watching the 东山飘雨西关情. next up will be either 与敌同行 or 珠光宝气. Still haven decide yet. =p

ok then. update soon! chill~


Shin Mei said...

u jogging ??? sure o not ??

purple_star_88 said...

WEI... even u also say so?? did u see how many ppl commented bout my jogging plan? ish. Everyone is like Shin Yeen, U JOGGING?? sure anot.. DAMN.

Shin Mei said...

haha...then u gt do it o not ?