Saturday, September 8, 2007

i wonder

ok.ok. i know its been long since..watever.

i REALLY got no time ok.
(ask any stpm students - WHO HAS)

anyway, just to update u guys, i just finish my trials yesterday.
DUN be happy to fast. i got ANOTHER exam time table right after i hand up my 3 hours math paper. SHIT.

just manage to catch a few episodes of drama which i DESPRATELY wanted to watch for a month. haihz.

my mind is wondering...
i wonder how's MPT5&6 tonight ~
i wonder if my other classmates are busy studying at this moment ~
i wonder how will my hair look like after i go to salon tmr ~
i wonder why i'm in STPM ~
i wonder if MY 'mi tang' is crying because i wouldnt get her an ice-cream ~
(this is definately not going to happen =P )

3 invatations for this month. still cant decide which one should i go..
I CANT GO TO ALL 3 party. right?

ohh.. something just came across my mind...!
should i say it here?
its about someone and her equipment.
(the someone is not JESSICA LOKE) i swear...

haha.. this might be the last post when she saw that statement.
so, i shall leave my final words right now.
# i really enjoyed the time when WE 'THE FANTASTIC 4' chilling out at BKT #