Tuesday, February 5, 2008


i know how long since i've blogged.

i keep telling myself that i HAVE TO blog something b4 CNY.

no matter what. die also turn into ghost 1st and post!


well.. i got a news 4 everyone!!!

i just bought my phone YESTERDAY!!!!!!

muahahahahha. *screams* finally..


oh, to hui wen.. i dunno whether i'll be seeing u anytime soon as ur leaving to australia like less than 2 weeks. really going to miss u~ *sobz*

pics we took last night!



haihz. have fun over there k. LIVE to ur MAX. but must study also la. hehe~

p/s : still suffering.. glad there's a long break from school. no more KIDS!


Poseidon said...

your cbox seem to be malfunctioning?