Thursday, January 17, 2008

strain OUT

listening to [ferenheit-xia xue] which means snowing. HOW I WISH. sigh...

i'm tired.

this post was supposed be posted last night. (blame it on li san)
called like 9.30 say go out for yam cha. haha. 10 of us went. surprise! 7 of us are TEACHERS. wow. (scary) who whould have thought of that.

haihz. have millions of stuff to complain. NO idea where to start.
*cracking my brain*
oh no.. where's my brain...

ah. forget it. i'll just blog without it. ( not that i use it always ) haha.

anyway, for the past ten days....
alot has happen.

carol finally updated her rotten, mouldy blog. not stuck at sept 27 anymore.
tracey HAS started a blog too ( not that its 10 days ago punya news )
oh. she got a job. library assistant. wonderful job. =p

ish. my cousin just told me.. the price of the phone i wanted to buy urgently has GONE UP. damn. from 685 to 750. what the HELL. should i still get it? the reason i got is because CNY coming SOON. *sobz*

even though alot has change... piggy jess hair still falling non-stop.
WHAT's the point of scientist invented HAIR TONIC? if....
get a job la. OK. stop hiding in STAR bucks.

went shopping last week with my cousin.

really love this concept

yeah. now that i'm a TEACHER. there's no more mood or should i say TIME to...


~eat good food~

~taking pics~

HAIHZ... take a deep breath. that's the best i can do.

till we meet again!