Monday, January 7, 2008

a NEW life...

yes. my ambition USED to be a teacher.

(that was when i'm in primary school.)
ok fine. i still want to be when i started my secondary school but definately not after form1. I SWEAR!!!

well, KARMA! i truly believed in it ok.

i'm teaching in a primary school now.
just started 2 days.
the only thing in my mind right now is WHY DO I EVER WISH OF BECOMING A TEACHER??

(not funny at all)

if u guys dunno what happen to 9 of us (new teachers).. let me post some cases for u guys.


orientation day...

parent A : teacher, teacher, my son cant sit this far back in class. can u plz make sure that he sits in front. u see hor, other students so tall and big size.. block him la.

me : ok ok. i'll TRY MY BEST to put him in front. i'll tell ur son class teacher asap. dont worry. *smile*

parent B : teacher, teacher, my child name is xxx, can he not be sitted next to the window? there got curtain la.

me : *wide smile* oh.. like that ar. dont worry. i help u to tell ur child class teacher. she will make her decision. she will TRY HER BEST not to put ur child near the curtain. *smile again*

parent C : teacher, teacher, i want to ask u a favour hor.. my daughther too small size la. so many books to bring. bag to heavy how to climb up to 1st floor??

me : *blink blink* (what u want me to do?) OH! really ar? aiyo. like that maybe if i see her walking up the stairs i can help her carry i guess. *smile*

parent C : like that very good la teacher. haiyo. why this school staircase dun have like a slope to let students pull their EASY bag?

me : oh. other school has ar? no la.

parent C : GOT!! singapore school all like that de..

me : *laugh softly* ic...... *smile*....


first day...

during recess, me & mel was walking around the canteen.
few mimutes b4 the bell rings, we saw a student(boy) holding a bowl of curry mee without curry. i'm serious. why? the curry was all over his shirt and pants.

me : omg.

mel : gaps!! boy, why so careless? see la now. shirt all dirty adi. come, follow teacher go wash away the curry.

student : *shake head*

me : what dun want? go now. faster.. follow teacher.

student : dunwan. later other ppl see.

mel : nobody wan to see wan la. u go wash adi then nobody can see.

me : yes yes. good boy..

both of us actually FORCE the student to walk all the way to the front of canteen where the basin is.
yeah. u guess what the student did? he actually followed james bond walking style which is jumping from one pillar to another until he reach the basin.

me : *blank*

mel : hahahahahahahahahahah.



music lesson...

me : STUDENTS!! now is singing lesson. anyone want to come out and perform?

2 girls : we want we want!

me : good. come out la.

2 girls : *starts singing some backstreatboys songs*

boy A : *close his both ears* teacher!! i dunno what they singing. so horrible!! not nice...

me : put down ur hand boy. must be polite.

boy A : dun want.

finally.. the girls finish singing.

me : thank you. very nice.. next time can be MUCH better.

2 girls : *speaks softly* teacher, can we sing another song?

me : *faint* er.. WHY dont we give other students a chance... WHO ELSE WANT TO SING?

boy B : teacher, i want to sing twinkle twinkle little star..

me : ok ok. good. come la.

boy A : CHEH! so easy wan the song. *close his ears again*

me : ( can the bell PLZ ring now?? )

suddenly.. i notice a boy sitting at the corner.. CRYING!!!

me : boy, u ok? why u cry?

boy C : woo!!! *cries even louder*

me : dont cry adi.. come. wipe ur face. stop crying. big boy adi lo.

boy C : i want &^%$$&**@

me : huh? say again. what u want?

boy C : i want #$^&*%@#!@#%

me : teacher cant hear if u keep crying.. stop now..

boy C : I WANT @#@$$%^%^@ *CRIES NON STOP*

me : ok. u cry la. teacher got things to do. but dont cry too long ok??

walks off.......


art lesson...

me : good afternoon class. today u are going to draw a pic for teacher. the title is "my house"

student : teacher, i dunno how to draw my house.

me : aiyo. u teacher also cannot help u ar.. i dunno how ur house look like also. just draw ok?

student : teacher.. how to draw the window?

me : very easy only. just draw a square and a plus inside.


student : teacher, how to draw fish?

me : huh? ur house got fish wan ar?

student : outside got.

me : ok. erm.. like this. just copy can adi.


me : before u all pass up to teacher, remember to write 姓名 and 班级 ok? (name and class)

the worst thing i got back from students~~




me : girl, u know what teacher say just now? (in mandrin)

girl : *look at me*

me : girl, u know how to speak english?

girl : *look at me*

me : u tau apa cikgu cakap?

girl : *shake head*

me : (finally got respond) apa u cakap di rumah?

girl : IBAN.

me : =.=''

boy sitting beside the girl : teacher, she not malay.

me : i know. she iban

boy sitting beside the girl : NO!!! her mother say she chinese!

me : =.="

ok. i shall stop now. the stories i can tell forever!

in a nut shell, the main reason i hate bout being a primary teacher is that the students ask teachers EVERYTHING!!!!!


teacher, can i go toilet?
teacher, can i drink water?
teacher, can i come in the classroom?
teacher, can i throw rubbish?
teacher, can i go fill water?
teacher, what time recess?
teacher, can eat in class?
teacher, this 2 pg do as homework means do at home ar?
teacher, can i write H/W here?
teacher, i colour nice anot?
teacher, correct?
teacher, he kacau me.
teacher, he kacau me again.
teacher... teacher.... teacher..... teacher..... teacher....



musicalsoul said...

hahahaha mann i thought you'd be the BEST primary teacher!! hahahaha

you sound like you had SOOOO MUCH FUN TEACHING those kids ;)

hahahahahahahahaha (my gosh, i can't stop laughing!!)


jessieloi said...

your job sounds so fun lah!

purple_star_88 said...

omg. faint.
u two are insane!!!!!!