Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Finally, i manage to squeeze out some time and some blogging mood to open this web-page. One thing i had in mind. I dun wanna post anything at all. wtf! ( what am i still doing here then?? ) fine, i just wanna pass my time and this does Not include reading any slides from either subjects.

Had my Data Structure lab test this afternoon. GOSH! for the first time, i wont complain that the question is tough. No, it is not. I should have study MORE!!! more! MORE!!!! then i might get results closer to perfection. But, the lazy me.... always doing everything last minute... *all i can do now is - sigh* Just manage to do half of the question. *sigh-again* I'm so going to change this attitude. I swear. =p

I just realised i start to talk like an old woman!!! arrgh....

Coming up next, 5 projects / assignments! I'm lovin it. (wtf) Obviously not. I wish time will just stop at this moment. Right now, just stop. I dun want the datelines to come one after the other!! Ish. Anyway, back to my topic. Yup, i'm going to leave my blog for awhile. er, maybe not that long la but wont update so frequently for now.

so, lets just see when i can meet up with u ppl again. Take care folks! haha...

p.s : Do miss me!