Friday, February 6, 2009


breath... Just breath! i really need some air. NOW~!!

yes, although i'm back home, far from my hostel room, i still feel the same. I AM STUCK INSIDE MY ROOM WITH THE DOOR CLOSE!

and why is that? my parents is throwing a PARTY! wth...... not to say i'm complaining much but not having to watch Astro, eating junks on my couch watching a nice movie! Its suffering. PLUS, now my house is so noisy... with uncles and aunties laughter, Karaoke-oldies. *screams* HELP ME! SAVE ME!!! ok, i am complaining.

ARRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn. now i'm hearing 'Justice Bao' theme song. ( i need a string, oh wait. A rope! to hang myself ) how i wish my phone just ring and have someone calling me out. Sigh.

Fine, i'll be nice and try ignoring the adults. I have something much more important to talk about. Hehe! Let me rephrase by saying i have a nice picture to post. ( i might get killed soon but still couldn't resist ) Its just for my darling ESTHER CHAN. finally reached the golden age of 21. Congrats! Hope u stay as pretty as ever. Be smarter. ( no offense ) and prepare for our 'date' ok? hahahahah... ( shh... its a secret )

Happy Birthday!

this is a post-present for u, love u always. Xoxo!


Jess Loke, i found my own Paris Hilton model! wakakaka. Just that its the shorter version la. =p


Frederick said...

wahahahahahas........wat a sakai....keke.....esther is like those iranians who "fly" here "fly" there without identify who is who.....wakaka....nvm....esther i admit tat u r upgrading from inferior goods(econ term) into second-class of normal goods....wish u smarter(same as offence) ^_^