Tuesday, March 3, 2009


nobody likes to listen to a long crappy talk. Its annoying, boring and a waste of time. even most interesting presentation, after 2 hours the most, i'm sure ppl get distracted. How saddening the world can be. HAHAHA! shit, i sound like a crazy woman. Anyway, my updates here are not so frequent nowadays NOT because my life isn't interesting or lifeless, I have tons of assignments awaiting me and i still got a very serious virus attacking me. ( laziness ) wtf!

but since Yesterday was my beloved Brader-Holim & Sista-Emily's birthday, i'll just kick my butt up here at blogspot again. *sigh* But then, i saw Frank's blog few minutes ago. He already posted about the celebration last night. What's the point of saying it here all over again? Right???? so, just click on to his blog and check it out. Pics are available at my facebook photo-album! Enjoy ~

p.s : FRANK TAN! can dun copy me & bee anot? What *wink wink*.... cis! create ur own la. *bluek*