Saturday, March 28, 2009

the rush of Adrenaline

The world favorite sport - or i should just say MY favorite sport - is BACK! *jumpsWithJoy*

If u have no idea what i'm talking about, u should get a newspaper today and read the sports section. =p

Just finish watching the qualifying round for the race. Goodness me! i wanna go Australia!!! oh well, or maybe just Sepang Circuit is good enough la. Shouldn't be too greedy. Next Week next week..... i seriously want to buy ticket di. *dilemma* but my finals coming like SO SO SO soon. wtf! *slap*. - hurt -

Oh wait. Getting back on track, WHAT HAPPEN to those successful & powerful teams like Ferrari and Mclaren-Mercedes? shit. Kimi Raikkonen only qualify in 9th position!!! wtf. *kickHisButt* I can't believe what i just witnessed. The new team Brawn-Mercedes actually got a one-two position!!..... *screams* NOOOOOOOO.............. ( Ferrari, u better do ur job well. If not i switch to support Brawn instead. Haha! )

Aiks. another hour gone. Programming?? -sigh-

Turn to kick start my job. ISH ISH ISH! ( i need my adrenaline too.. where are u? )