Monday, March 9, 2009


Philip Beh & Benjamin Sim! u two better watch out. I'm going to find my gang one day and balas dendam!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha.

FYI, i was stress-free + hapilly sitting in front of my tv ,in my pyjamas, eating chocolates and enjoying badminton match between the world champion ( Lee Chong Wei ) and Olympic champion ( Lin Dan ). Until my phone rang!

The two souls. Just because u guys can't entertain urself, is it a must to pull me along? ok la, i dont mind going yam-cha BUT philip, u GENG adi. now u got friend. Together can *high 5* with him bully me la! u wait. When Ben not beside u.. *wicked-laugh* Summore bring me go McD. That's not the point. Point is u guys keep saying i cant afford to eat! ( not in terms of money ) .......cries..........

I am so going to change into THE FANTASY GIRL! hahaha...
shhh.... secret! *wink wink*

p.s : philip, ur story wins today! *shouts* - philip KOR KOR! hahahahaha... SO cute!