Monday, January 19, 2009

Dash - - - Dash

What a tiring day! MONDAY is always the busiest for me as my timetable for the day is CRAMMED. anyway, the day of lectures, labs and tutorials are done and my tummy is satisfied with the dinner i had. *smile*

Its lucky that we reached college from dinner like 15 minutes earlier IF NOT... i'll soak in the heavy down pour. ARRGH! hate that. Even holding an umbrella doesn't help much at this weather.

I'm beginning to enjoy my uni life back once again with all my fellow mates. Most of them have been really supportive and they're really great & fun ppl to hang out with. *hugs* Love u all ~

To Amelia Chan, yes my dear... i will not FFK u on Friday night ok? Yam cha 9pm at OTK? unless anyone has a better suggestion. Oh, or wanna try PappaRich? Just inform me la. Miss u guys... Looking forward to meet u all! YESH! hehe... =p