Sunday, October 5, 2008

12 hours left.



i dun wanna go back uni.

i wanna stay at home!!


damn bloody emo this moment. NO. for few hours adi. Feel like screaming out loud.

i know UM and my house is not THAT big, huge, great (whatever) distance. but STILL. gosh. one week so so sooo 'enough' u know. ARRGH! F***

first time feeling home-sick. wth.

HAIHZ. just went yam cha with my KaKies. haha. wei, i damn no life lar. HOW!!!! can save me out from my hostel next week anot? ah san..... *begging u sincerely* ah.. Sian now having fun in Poppy ler. (with her new bought dress! muahaha.) WHAT am i DOING??? playing ZUMA the whole night. Shit.

Ah. love u all. MuaXX!


p.s : Miss Loke. why didnt reply my msg?????????


rachel said...

hey dear, cheer up!!no emo no emo...
haha!dun worry be happy!!
u still gt me mar...hahahah!
be happy,k??^^muaxx...hahahahhaa