Saturday, October 25, 2008

Study Week..

so sad. Its suppose to be a nice pleasant holiday.... haihz. Instead, i'm forced to use the whole week studying. STUDY!!!! which till now i havent start yet. SHIT. i vow not to go anywhere else after today until exam is over BUT stupid jess 'ajak' me go lunch tmr. ( its just a lunch lar, so i said ok. ) haha. =p

my class ended yesterday ( YES, after that math test ) and i went home straight after! HEH! feels so nice to be home. Then went Sunway with Philip and meet up with our 10th college 'kakies'..

The main purpose is to celebrate Frank's birthday ( i think ) at i-thought-it-was-supposed-to-be-SecretRecipe but-in-the-end-changed-to-McD.
Anyway, Happy Birthday to u! =p

**Me & theBirthdayBoy** + (ah quinn)
8 GONG!! i dun wanna call u this coz its ur birthday BUT its all ur own fault. CIS. who ask u tag me as (not telling it here) in ur blog....

Missing 7. Haihz.

GrouP piC!

After eating birthday cake.. the 'gang' splits into 2.
- movie -
- ice-skating -

arrgh! i wanted to go for a movie. haihz.. but i've watched Eagle Eye! so, guess its faith. ( no, its all Rachel fault! hahah. ) But thanks to u also, i got my First ever skating experience. =p Although i'm still scared, but i did enjoyed. Hehe.

wah. so many ppl.


oh. SEE this? we planned to form the number 10.

HAHA. sorry. is this pic!

it works! erm, *speechless*

To all my FSKTM mates, happy studying! =p Berusaha lebih untuk menjadi seorang yang CEMERLANG! GEMILANG! dan TERBILANG! wtF. i sounded like Pak Lah. ( ignore that BOLD-sentence ) Jia you Larrr~~~

p.s. - esther & bee, i sure go with u guys next time ok? Promise. *hugs*