Thursday, October 9, 2008

preparation for PTCC

everyone in 10th college is BUSY! really no time to have a break. even at this early morning around 4am, some of them still hanging tanglungs at the lobby...

Just had my bath coz we practice our dance till like NOW. whole body start to ache di. WOO WOO... summore got 3 patches of blue-black on my knees. ( but worth it lor! hehe... ) all my dance-mates ( mag, ken iu, lee yin, frederick, kenny, ian & jim ). big applause for us! from nothing to what we can dance perform this moment, great accomplishment. We want to thank senior Kai Chin for teaching us patiently. =p hope that night... er, this friday night we can go up stage and enjoy our performance!!!! Gambateh~

To all sketch members! i'm sure we can DO it! Keep up our good work!!!

PTCC-08 Jia you! Jia you! Jia You!!!


rachel said...

hahaha!dear, u r the best,k??try ur very best to perform!!u can make it!!trust u!!hahahha!
gambateh gambateh hora hora!!!!!
all the hip-hop dancer, u r all the best!!!! gambateh!!!!
10th college!!!yar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

purple_star_88 said...

thanks alot my dear!!! love u. MUAXX!