Thursday, October 2, 2008


now, back at home. seems like everything look exactly the same before i left BUT strange... there's just weird feelings and thoughts coming out. I dunno why.

on the journey back, traffic seems to be smooth. Its not a normal sight though, when it used to be bumper-to-bumper-crawl type of driving. I guess its due to the Raya festival. Most ppl staying here were back to their own respective 'kampung'. I was back to mine for 3 days. Cousins are all grown up now. No more running around the house, playing some brainless sword-fighting (without sword) or even pretend to be Power Rangers. AH! kinda miss those times when we're still young and naive. Grandma not able to walk as fast as before... but still wish to help us anyway she can. (Thank you. Love u lots!) Since young, I always wonder why grandma weep every time when we're bidding goodbye to her (not like we're not coming back to see her again). Just now, she cried again. I feel sad this time. Thinking, the possibility of us not seeing her again definitely not ZERO... haihz. Nothing is Impossible. Nothing is permanent. Suddenly realized how important it is to cherish all the moments u can have with ur love ones.

Things changed as time goes by....

What i craved is different now.

- i used to love Amazing Race. I cant miss even one single episode. Even watched the repeats of it.
- i used to love Taiwanese Drama.
- i used to love any types of reality show.
- i used to love Formula One car racing. I followed each race and the news of the drivers (oops. driver) closely. HAHA!


Even my all-time fav :


i stop eating it for quite some times... i still remember why! haha. i think its during the time i'm in upper six, baskin robbins came out with a BUY 1 FREE 1 promotion. Went there with my buddies dunno how many times in a month. Yeah la, i summore so greedy go 'da bao' around 20 scoops of ice-creams back home. ARRGH! after that, really see baskin robbins will feel like throwing up. AIKS. until recently, the craving for it came back so pulled tracey along to eat with me. (love u dear!)


last time, we used to take pics in a big gang. Many of us. But this few months, its like just the miserable 2 of us! I miss everyone. =( Really hope this coming December, everyone will be back here!! (although.. it might just only half the number of us. Haihz.)

Things i really crave??? *blink-blink*

- i never actually like my mum's cooking. But i stop complaining bout it now. Haha. After eating my college food for 3 months, cant stand it already. Home-cooked meal is still forever the best. Ah... i'm going back there in a few days time. Suck.

- i never actually like donuts. But i dunno for what reason, i gave myself the chance of gaining weight. Maybe the thought of becoming fat due to Donuts are much better than due to Curry + Santan.... I think i'll just put the blame on J.Co


- i never actually like shopping. But after going uni, seems like i enjoy it very much. no matter how busy..... Arrgh. Shopping is fun WITH money. *cries* (trac, how we wish we can get few more bags right? haha.)


Hmm, going back to college this Sunday. Feeling bit down.

Nonetheless, i have my so called '9 ppl' gang! Life become so much enjoyable hanging around with them! muahahaha. Miss u all!


and.. a random pic lar. HAHA!

DSC00502 (1)

= see u all on Sunday =