Friday, October 3, 2008

Jessica Loke

i just went to ur blog after 'sending u to bed' & wishing u nightmares instead of sweet dreams.....

well, to be honest! i really wanted to strangle u when i saw the post about -Disturbing Profile Pictures- wtf. Stupid girl. ur lucky i'm not beside u right now or going to meet up with u tomorrow. but if i'm ben ur DEAD at this moment!

until i read the post -Jess Feeling Nostalgic. Again.-
WHY u go write something like this!!! make me EMO gila. HATE u lar. u know how much i miss all of them.
those were the memories we had. we OWNED. i wonder if there will still be more of US in the future. Haihz. *prays*

again. i miss u all~