Sunday, October 12, 2008

- the eNd -

finally, everything have come to an end. Well, maybe not EVERYTHING.. assignments still waiting for me to complete. At least for Pesta Tanglung ( both PTUM & PTCC ) events ended wonderfully.

PTUM ended on tues ( 07/10/08 ). hmm, the whole event was nice but i dun really like it as in dont have much feel towards it. Dunno why. I'll do my part as an AJK just because of responsibility and obviously Rachel. This girl ar, will be the first to volunteer stay back or whatsoever to finish jobs that others doesn't care. Haihz. How can i leave u alone doing all this?? Anyway, that night performance was nice. =p Hehe. I dun really have pics to post bout coz dun really have to mood and time to take. ARRGH! ( whatever.. )

~ me & my exec ~

~ with dear rachel ~

~ esther, cindy & bee ~

Change to PTCC ( 10/10/08 ) of my college! wOOHAAA..
Great job guys... i know some of us didnt sleep for few days to make this event work, but its worthwhile right??? although that night there are some problems with the multimedia, but its ok! I feel that overall its amazing. At least we ( maybe not all ) enjoyed. Haha.

-sketch- YEAH... luckily for us, mic function pretty well. All of u really born actors and actress lar! damn Geng! can send our sketch video to Oscar adi. Muahaha. But thinking bout it, BEE ar... u! before the first scene curtain open, come run to us and tell the "bulu ayam" for "mama" to clean house GONE... make me so scared. Shit lar. HAHA.. goodness. Ahh. Luv u ppl. *hugs*

-hipHop- HAHAHAHAHAHA. i'll never forget our slogan : HOR YI SI!!! damn funny. how we present the present to our dear senior Kai Chin... the way we keep wave-ing.... and "die still cannot die peacefully".. Our faces when Kai Chin start her sentence saying : next move VERY EASY only... etc etc. Seriously, i enjoyed spending time practicing with u all. Everyday dance till 3 something in the morning! wah..... haha. I know we thought our dance performance is over UNTIL the news that we have to perform at KPS next Wed. OMG!!! scary lar. The stage kinda Huge right??? nvm lar. HOR YI SI~!! jia you jia you! =p

erm, i got hundreds of PTCC pics. But damn lazy to post here. Go facebook see lar. i hope i'll find time to upload it ASAP. Just a few previews here lo k? Haha...

#1 sketch ( b4 performing )

#2 hipHop girls ( after performing )

#3 Ten-Ten 'gang'

#4 Ten-Ten 'gang' Again

#5 FUyOh... Bee-da-Director & Rach-da-SU

K lar. i have to stop right now.
programming also haven start. Shit.


rachel said...

hahha! dear, u've done a great job!!!!! good!!!^^
gambateh neh!!!hip-hop dance!!!
try ur best to confront it!u can make it de!!gamba gamba gambateh neh!!!

Frederick said...

Haiyaz.....unfortunately we dun have the "smoking" photo...haha....damn funny tat night....good job u hav to b in tip top condition oso...haha^^jia you

purple_star_88 said...

hahahahaa... no need adi lo. That dance performance canceled liao. anyway, we did a great job!

steve said...

Ha ha..., my dear darling, u really did a good job in sketch and hip hop dance. I'm quite happy to have a chance to join 10th college PTCC. Although I'm just appear shortly in 10 college. However, I'm really enjoy it very well. Ha ha..., thanks you to all 10th college CC members!

purple_star_88 said...

wah.. so fast found my blog adi?
u also very GENG in the sketch. Welcome to 10th college CC. =p

Shin Mei said...

got video o not ? i want see ...want see u dance !!