Monday, June 15, 2009

leisurely life wanted

Arrgh! looking at the calender. Damn! my holiday is almost half gone! oh wait. Its half GONE! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... this is saddening. I'm depressed. *sobs* Today, i did my course registration for Year2. Not so much of being freshmen anymore. Definition of getting O.L.D. ( i seriously hate those 3 letters ) hahaha... well, no one can run away from it right? BIG BIG *sigh*.

So basically, i'm supposed to wake up at 9am SHARP to get my course registration going. The thinking of u might not get a place in any course is just disturbing. Haha! But, an hour b4 the time i expect myself to open my eyes..... guess what! my mum SHAKE me up. I thought got what emergency la, and *gaps* OMG! she bought me a bowl of yee mee!! wth. Its soup so i had to get my ass off my bed to eat it. *SCREAMS*..... i seriously cant believe this is happening. I hate yee mee now!

Letting go of the yee mee complaints, i'm now stuck with Grey's Anatomy again. Watched it through my whole afternoon. I like Dr. Karev! although he is a bastard. Haha... a HOT one la. HAHAHAHAHAHA! surgeons.

NUMBER 21. I wanted to write something / anything / everything bout my 21 but NAH! i was too lazy. I hate myself. ARRGH! lazy of doing anything. wtF. Oh, i have something to confess. I watched Hannah Montana again yesterday! HAHAHAHAHAHA! sorry beeting! i know i should have waited for u but... i have nothing to do when i was walking around ONE U alone. My parents and bro went off watching Drag Me To Hell.


I've watched that movie. Preview summore. Together with my buddy Wood, Stick & Benbi. Hahahaha.... how we hate handkerchief now right??

And not forgetting the ever good-looking ZAC AFRON!


Never stop *drooling* over him.... hahahaha *wink-wink*

Jess, remember to go watch ok? Oh ya. i read ur post bout FOO SHIN YEEN! sakai la u. What is going in ur mind huh? trying to make me emo izit. ISH! EVIL.... yes, stop reminding me why are u still here in malaysia. But i guess, before long i might change my ques to U REALLY GOING TO LEAVE MALAYSIA? .................. arrgh! i dun want to talk so much here la. We dun need all this soft-talking-sweet-writing thingy right? hahahaha... u know secretly how i *cough* ... you. HAHAHAHAHAHA! shit. Disturbing.