Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I just got back from my Lang Tengah trip around 10 last night. Still feeling exhausted from the trip so i cant move my butt to go round Subang collecting pics from others. Later perhaps. =p

Since i dun really want my blog latest post remains the same old one for more than a week, i decided to just fill it up with pics taken from my Karaoke session with my buddies. On that very morning b4 i leave for Lang Tengah.

Pic 1 : me & buddy woody


Pic 2 : sian, trac & sze


Pic 3 : me, sian & trac


In order to get all 5 of us in one pic, we have no other choice but to put self-timer! buddy woddy is the one placing the camera and press the button b4 running back to her position. Thanks alot buddy woody. yeah.. and this attempt does not go very well.... HAHAHA!'

Tryout ONE : sian clearly wasn't ready at all.....


Tryout TWO : hahaha.. buddy woddy cant make it in time!


Success ~ 1 : FINALLY! buddy woody decided to jump instead of run this time! wuhh!!


After seeing a successful picture taken, more attempts were made. BUT...

Tryout THREE : oh my, now sze follow suit together with sian and buddy woddy. *sigh*


Dun worry. We never gave up!

Tryout FOUR : Arrgh! buddy woddy's fault again!


And at last!

Success ~ 2 : hurray! cheers~~~


Hahaha.. I love u guys. *wink*

While waiting for others to settle their needs outside the restroom....... TA-DAH!



Congrats buddy woddy. Ur cam-whoring techniques now are kick-ass-good. LOL.

SO, after karaoke.. back to reality. We need to prepare for our Lang Tengah trip. Time to do some SNACK-shopping!!


oh goodness, i haven eat my lunch and now its 5pm. I'm hungry. =(

Shall go grab something now and hopefully the sun sets earlier today then i'll be on my way to collect pics from benbi & tracey! buh-Bye!