Tuesday, June 30, 2009


today. I woke up around 1pm.

today. I watched a Singapore movie which name i forgotten.

today. I looked at the clock thinking what to do for the whole afternoon.

today. I called my dear.

today. I decided to go PJ find my dear.

today. I drove to UM.

today. I finally get to meet my dear after 2 months.

today. I'm excited.

today. I went to Wong Kok with dear.


today. Dear was so busy.


today. Dear left me alone for almost an hour.

today. I had no choice but to entertained myself.



today. I went to see my new room at Ken3.

today. I went yc at Prince with dear again.


today. I want to thank dear for accompany me.


Love u!! *wink*


rAcHeL said...

haha^^ LOVE U TOO^^

Shin Mei said...

never find me ya ???
I getting Mad ......hhhhhhh

purple_star_88 said...

hahahaha. OMG! i damn long didnt see u adi lo. Eh WHERE ARE U NOW? u told me u going Kampar but how come still at sg long.

Shin Mei said...

cheh !! i told u i going kampar ..is October ler ~~ AIYOYO !!! from CNY till now ???