Thursday, June 11, 2009


hello guys! i apologize for leaving my blog alone for quite some time. I've been really busy. Not to mention how tired i am right now. But finally, i get a whole day by myself alone at home to update my blog!! weeee~~~~

ok, what have i been up to the past week? I'm working as a Part-timer at 2009 Movie Carnival!


*blast* the overall experience is GREAT! Ten days of working plus fun. Starting to miss it abit..... hahahaha! Dont get me wrong ok? i'm not a workaholic. Blah! =p Gained alot from this movie carnival. Not just the point that i got paid la of course.. I met some old friends as well as making new ones! Keep in touch guys! *wink*

- Bee, we survived! -

- Whole gang of colleague -

- cheers -

- girl power. wtf! -

- LUCKY loco! -

Hahahahahaah!! okok. More pics will be uploaded at facebook asap!!

After 10 hectic days....

time for us to relax babe!! so, me & bee went to Pyramid AGAIN!!! for the 11th time in a row but this time around just mainly for shopping and movie. HAHA!

Cam-whoring is definitely a must-do! right guys? hahaha..




Thanks for the Sushi baby!!! love u. *wink* Lets go another time ok? hahaha.. remember the sitting, then we both can have LIGHTS! wtf.

Movie for the day! HANNAH MONTANA. lol.


hey ppl, this movie is overall good ok. For those who loves the sound track / HSM fans / popcorn movie lovers, this movie is a MUST to watch. Unless ur those anti-musical movie goers or u swear that u only will watch action-thrilled movie, then no need la. HAHAHA!!!

That's all for now. Updates on my birthday surprise will be up before long! *toodles*