Thursday, November 26, 2009


arrgh. I seriously need a better internet connection. To give me a reason to stay at home watching drama online instead of choosing to go out ( which means spending money ). I need some kind-hearted souls to show their mercy and give me some charity. PLZ PLZ PLZ. hahahaha.

Its been like 3 days since i'm back from Penang. Yeah, i know i'm suppose to blog about it but i really dun have the time!!!! Gosh~ Talking bout that trip, guys... the rashes on my left hand, the left-hand side of my neck and also the right back part of body still there!!!! it didnt get any better. HELP! Is is going to be permanent? damn it. Thank goodness they're not that itchy if not by now i wont even dare to mention bout it.

And the main consequences i have to bear after Penang trip is having a larger appetite. OMG. I just cant stop eating. This is freaking annoying. I thought everything will be back to normal state once i'm back to Subang but no. Last night, went 'yamcha' with Tracey, Adel & Oon. From Station-1 to Tanjung Mamak. Its way past mid-night and i ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung. wtf. Just few hours ago, to be exact would be 2 hours before my dinner, went McD meet up with WeiLing & San. Had ice-cream. Yeah, my craving for ice-cream no longer exist. No more! Had 2 in a row. After 2 bowls of spaghetti, i'm feeling sleepy and later I AM GOING OUT again. This time around, 'yamcha' with Jess, Wood, Philip, Ben, Sian. *banghead* i'm not going to eat anything later. No. I'm just going to drink my old-time-fav-coffee. That's it.

*yawns* i think i need a nap. One hour should be sufficient. Right.........