Saturday, November 14, 2009

Russia-there u go.

Hey big boy,


In like less than 7 hours later, u'll be on ur way to pursue ur dream of becoming a medical practitioner. Sorry for not able to send u off to sky. Haha. But i did spent like 4 hours having lunch with u today right? So ok la. Dun so kira.


Well, since i went to uni like one & half years ago.. we hardly see each other. Like one month not more than 5 days? ok la. The blame is on me coz i'm like never home and when i do, ur eyes only staring at ur laptop monitor. LOL.

I'll just post up some pics in case either of us forget how each other looks like. ( u MIGHT be too busy with those hot russian chicks and as for me, i'll be busy...... shhhh~ )







OK la. Take care in Russia. Wishing u all the best. Be good to the girls over there. (Bring at least one back next year) HAHA! bye bye... =p


p.s. : Take a pic of mummy's BENGKAK eyes. Hope she doesn't flood up the airport!


Shin Mei said...

ya..that boy , i started miss him ~
and me too , not able to send him off =(
the coming cny , 6 of us kurang satu d... (*tear*)

wah,russia gal ar ~ wil hav language barrier later , HAHAHA !!

purple_star_88 said...

hahaha. So fast miss him meh? YALO! this new year will be so diff for us. *hugs*